Zombie Fest brought donations and screams to Cerritos College students


Derrick Coleman

Scare actor Armando Avila, crawls towards students who dared to pick up food donations.

Marilyn Parra, Staff Writer

Zombie Fest was not all scares; it was also a chance for students to donate canned food to the Cerritos College food pantry. Cerritos received many donations and thanked students with a good scare. Zombie Fest was held at Falcon Square on Oct. 25.

Maze run
Scare actor Jay P, has been volunteering since attending the college in 2016. Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

The annual event was organized by Student Activities to receive donations for anyone facing food insecurity.

Not only does the food drive help fight against food insecurity, but this year the college also helped raise awareness toward domestic violence by donating cans.

Students Activities Coordinator Amna Jara said this year everyone came together to help which made things a lot easier for the event staff.

Jara said, “With homecoming week, it can be very stressful for the students to set this all up, but thanks to all the volunteers it made the job easier.”

The cosmetology program collaborated with Student Activities to do all the monster makeup.

Student Activities ditched its previous wallboard maze with a new close quarter maze. Students were given a challenge trying to find their way out while hiding their face from the scare actors.

When students donated they received a pin and were treated with an entry to this years close quarter Halloween maze. If they survived they were given a shirt.

Delfina Aguilera, health science major, had the chance to be one of the first to enter the maze. She said, “My favorite part was seeing the makeup, I thought that was cool.” She also said the screams gave her a good scare and that the actors did very well.

Music was played throughout Falcon square, courtesy from the music department.

Scare actor Jay P., philosophy major, has been volunteering since attending the college in 2016.

“[Zombie Fest] gives an opportunity for those in need to get what they need and people who give to get a scare in return,” P said.

As zombies flooded the event and people ran as fast as they could, Jara made sure to remind students about the hydration station.

Water, fruit punch and Rockstar energy drinks were given out for free.

Culinary arts management major, Phil Herrera was dressed as a dead puppet with loose strings attached to both arms. He said, “This year all the zombie actors are not only from student activities, [they all volunteered] from different departments.”

Student Trustee
Phil Herrera was dressed as a dead puppet with loose strings attached to both arms. Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Herrera made sure to advise students that zombies were at every corner and hoped they’d come back alive.

Jara said anyone could enjoy the festival, if anyone did not want to be scared they could enjoy the music and dance.

Ana Sofia, kinesiology major, said the festival was a good experience.

“I like that you donate and they give you a pin with the entry for the maze,” said Sofia.

Sofia also said she liked the idea of also donating for domestic violence. She said, “Seeing that the donations also went to domestic violence awareness month made me want to come to Zombie Fest.”

Jara said this year’s Zombie Fest turned out to be great.