Smorgasburg LA’s for the hipster foodie

Elizabeth Corcoles, Arts and Entertainment editor

Ranging from juicy fried chicken from Daddy’s Chicken Shack, to an interesting, but quite delicious, Middle Eastern take on tacos from Mideast Tacos; Smorgasburg has a variety of options to choose from.

Smorgasburg Los Angeles, a fairly new location for foodies and hipsters to spend their Sunday, located in the industrial part of Los Angeles right off of Alameda, offers a diverse food selection that are Instagram worthy.

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Many of the variations of food were aesthetically pleasing and gave the impression that it wouldn’t be satisfactory to the foodie, but to our surprise, the thought that went into the visual of the food, also went into the making of the food.

The ambiance is chill and ranged from locals to tourists.

As well as offering food from local vendors; vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and vegan creams were also available for tourists who are looking to be a part of the LA lifestyle.

Although, some vendors are pricey, for the most part vendors have a reasonable price. It was definitely worth the LA traffic.