The EDM world can expect albums from top notch DJs

Elizabeth Corcoles

The EDM world can expect albums from a few prominent DJ’s this year, as well as some tour dates.

Kicking it off is Kaskade, as he released a full length album titled “Redux 003,” which follows his previous EP “Redux,” and delivered a mellow, easy listen album, while keeping the diversity and upbeat dance elements.

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Kaskade, the well known American DJ has spontaneously released an 18 – track album titled “Redux 003” and will tour the album in 14 cities.

“Redux 003” came to a surprise to EDM followers as Kasakade never hinted at working on an album and has quoted in a tweet that he wouldn’t play songs in his new sets from previous “Redux” EP’s.

While most of the dates for Kaskade’s “Redux 003” tour are sold out, the DJ has two secret date in which he will release the locations in the following month of Sept.

As fans await for the location of Kaskade’s last two tour dates, Madeon, a French DJ who has made a name for himself in the US, will also be debuting his sophomore album this year along with tour dates.

Debuting two songs from the “All My Friends” album, Madeon has evolved from his “Adventure” album in 2015 and experiments with his vocal range, but keeps his recognizable upbeat songs.

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Seven Lions return with a new album/single as well, the DJ has released an abundance of tour dates in the US, and continues to stay busy in the EDM world.

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Since the last album, “Where I Won’t Be Found” in 2017, the DJ has been hard at work composing “Ophelia Volume 1,” as well as the latest single with MitiS and RBBTS, “Break The Silence.”

Zedd will also be hard at work seeing as how he will be performing and hosting his festival partnered with Insomniac, Zedd in the Park on Sept. 7.

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The popular DJ continues to play sets at residencies in Las Vegas and while he has not mentioned a new album, he did release a single with Katy Perry titled “365.” The last album Zedd released was “True Colors” in 2015.

Since his residency days in Las Vegas, DJ Porter Robinson has taken the EDM world by the neck and made it his bitch.

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His “Worlds” album in 2014 moved his fans in a way that only an artists who puts their heart and soul into the music can.

“Worlds” proved to be such a success, the DJ introduced a festival earlier this summer, Second Sky Fest, and sold out in a matter of minutes.

Since, the DJ has not produced music as Porter Robinson and while earlier this year he tweeted that his new hair style means he is working on new music, he has yet to announce anything that could signify a new album.

From the looks of it, it seems as though 2019 will end with new albums from exciting DJ’s.