‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ An Unforgettable Experience


Oscar Torres

Dozens upon dozens of storm troopers on guard next to the transport ship. All of theme were real with people in the costumes. Photo credit: Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres, Staff Writer

“Rise of the Resistance” treated Star Wars fans with a ride that puts attendees up close to feeling like they’re actually in one of the scenes from the movies.

It starts off with guests walking through a rocky area and into a cave where the Resistance has been using as a base for its new recruits aka the riders. In there, they’re being briefed by Rey, Poe and Lieutenant Bek.

The guests exit the cave and walk inside a transport ship flying away from the planet and into space. From there the transport ship is being intercepted by the First Order, pulling the ship into the Star Destroyer by a tractor beam.

They then took the riders out of the ship to a hanger where dozens of storm troopers and First Order officers were waiting. From there they were sent to a holding cell to be interrogated by General Hux and Kylo Ren. As both of them, two resistance members broke the riders out and put them in a vehicle controlled by a R5 atromech droid.

Come to the dark side
Kylo Ren grabbing both of the vehicles with the force. He pulls them towards them attempting to capture them. Photo credit: Oscar Torres

As the vehicles are sneaking past enemy lines, passing two giant size AT-AT’s before quickly being spotted by two storm troopers firing its blasters at the guest/vehicles.

Then they run past many soldiers along with Kylo Ren who uses the force to pull the guests closer to him, but before he could the glass of the ship breaks and he was being sucked into the hole with him losing his grasps at the vehicles.

The vehicles then get into an escape pod shooting back down onto Batuu, escaping the grasps of the First Order and finishing the ride.

When Galaxy’s Edge opened its doors in May 2019, fans of both Disneyland and the “Star Wars” franchise were blown away with how authentic and life-like the new land would be.

With its unique story for the land to the many activities that any family member can experience, many were excited for Galaxy’s Edge.

Though it lacked any thrill rides with only one being operational on the first day of the lands opening, many park goers were hoping that another ride would soon come to the park, and Disneyland did just that with “Rise of the Resistance.”

The attraction was beyond incredible, mixing in screens for the actors and special effects whenever someone was shooting. The set pieces were great to look at, and it’s amazing that they made two gigantic size AT-AT’s.

It shows that the First Order is more intimidating as oppose to the movies’ depiction of them.

Every single prop in the ride was real, giving it an authentic style making sure that each part of the ride makes it feel like the audience is actual on a Star Destroyer.

It’s great that they got the cast from the new trilogy to play their roles again which makes it feel like a side story of the Star Wars universe.

However, while being in the ride was fantastic, getting into the ride was the stressful part.

Attendees had to wake up before 8 a.m. and get inside the park just to use the app and join a boarding group, but even then it’s not a guarantee that a person would get it. They can be the first person to press the join button and still be too late.

Hopefully in the future attendees will be able just walk into the ride without a reservation, but even with how the boarding group is handled, it’s still a very enjoyable ride that is worth waking up before 8 a.m., coming to Disneyland just to experience the ride again.

The overall experience of the ride is highly recommended for all the park attendees.

It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.