Throne of Glass Series is worth the read


Jaelyn Delos Reyes

The Throne of Glass series in chronological order written by Sara J. Maas. The Assassin’s Blade Novella is missing from the image.

Jaelyn Delos Reyes, Staff Writer

This nine-book fantasy story is probably one of the best series to be read without a break enticing the reader want to buy the next book without hesitation.

The first book is the Throne of Glass even though it starts off with a novella called The Assassin’s Blade. The main character, Celaena Sardothien is introduced as one of the most dangerous assassins in a world where magic has disappeared.

She was held in a horrific prison and was summoned by a vicious king to participate in a competition with 23 criminals and warriors in order to win her freedom. In return, she has to serve the king as his assassin.

After reading the first book, a reader will feel stuck on it. Celaena starts off as a cold stubborn person which one may not enjoy at first because she makes things difficult for other characters. Overtime her character grows making the story flow.

Celaena didn’t care if she had to kill, but the other characters she met throughout the series have change her into a loving, protecting, person and who can be happy.

She could be a reader’s favorite character throughout the series and she truly brings out the fire in the plot.

The plot becomes complicated when it branches out into different settings and brings drastic changes in character relationships. The author is very creative in using every character’s experience the throughout series to create an amazing story.

In the next book there is a plot twist with the main character that catches the reader’s attention. Celaena’s whole identity has been changed. With this change, she meets her mate, the love of her life.

This romance between Celaena, otherwise known as Aelin, and her mate starts off as an “I hate you” type of relationship that develops into to a beautiful love connection.

Reading this whole series is like having TV show play-out in a reader’s head, making readers choose sci-fi/fantasy as their favorite genre. The plot of this amazing series can open one’s mind to how authors have created stories like the Throne of Glass.

This series is a great way to start off when a new reader wants to explore other genres; bringing attention, thrills, spicy romance, and fantastical action.

The Throne of Glass series will introduce fantasy fairy tales that no new reader has thought of and will make them read more stories like this one. This series can inspire one to continue reading more books from other authors.

If you are anyone who would like to read other genres or novels, the Throne of Glass storyline is a great recommendation. This series will make new readers feel attached.

Once the reader is done reading the last book, it will leave them heartbroken and not wanting the story to end, but leave them with a perfect resolution.