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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Opinion: Most horror movies should be rated R

This is a landscape photo in the horror genre and was taken in May of 2007

Horror films just aren’t what they used to be years ago, films today that are considered to be thrillers or slashers are now PG-13.

PG-13 movies are good but when it is overly played with horror films that should be considered rated R that’s when it gets irritating.

When someone thinks of something with a good scary film, the majority of the time the film has an R rating to it.

However, some films have the same amount of scares and it’s placed in the PG-13 rating.

Most moviegoers get excited when they see a Quentin Tarantino film because of the gore, blood and action.

Back in the 80s, PG-13 really should have been considered rated R without the nudity but the language was raunchy.

PG-13 horror movies now really aren’t that scary and they don’t have enough depth to make someone not want to watch the film again.

Some PG-13 horror films really should put some effort into their craft to make someone feel that they didn’t just waste their money on a movie.

“Scary stories to tell too in the Dark” back in 2019 was an excellent movie that should have been placed as an R-rating film because it did a good job of making a person feel nervous watching it.

All of the “Insidious films were PG-13 but should be considered rated R due to the plot of the story and all of the paranormal events that occurred.

If they can make the conjuring film series all R ratings, then they can make the Insidious film series an R rating just to keep it fair.

Horror films need that that nostalgia back, that makes a person feel like the air is deathly still and then out of nowhere, the killer comes out to wreak havoc amongst others.

Over the years, horror films just aren’t that scary anymore, it doesn’t make anyone feel worried or frightened especially if it is in the PG-13 category.

Understandably, some people are uncomfortable while watching horror movies.

But, the people responsible for making the film would often make it a light rating such as PG-13 and if that’s the case the movie should be terrifying to watch.

It should not be only jump scares and easily predictable scenes to the point the movie gets dull and unenjoyable.

What would Wes Craven be if his famous horror character Freddy Kruger was strictly PG-13, the scenes wouldn’t be as gruesome as people remember them from the 80s?

If you want a good jump scare movie then PG-13 is the right place, if you want a great horror movie to watch, the rated-R movies are the best place for anyone in the show business.

Movie films and the people in charge of the ratings should be more strict with the PG-13 rating.

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Samuel Carey, Co-Community Editor
Samuel Carey is Co-Community Editor  for Talon Marks and is energetic to report the news of communities. Carey appreciates watching T.V. listening to jazz and hip-hop and wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Summer 2023 and wants to open his own national syndicated radio station.
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Opinion: Most horror movies should be rated R