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The new ‘Mario Bros Movie’ is for the people, not the critics

Jack Black posing in front of his character Bowser Photo credit: Getty Images & Kayla Oaddams

The Super Mario Bros movie was a very fun and enjoyable film to watch. Despite the hate it received from the critics. the film was good from top to bottom.

The highly anticipated film was released on April 5 and the movie seemed destined to fall victim to its own hype.

In all honesty, the movie did what it needed to do and delivered. It was cute, funny, and exciting, never was there a point in which things felt boring.

The film did a great job keeping it consistent and allowing the fans to be engaged throughout the entire film.

It was easy to tell the people that made this film were true fans of the Mario franchise and understood the property.

The filmmakers also snuck a number of gaming easter eggs into their work, making for an added wrinkle to the viewing experience.

The plot in the movie is very straightforward, they don’t try to make things complicated especially knowing that this movie’s target audience is children.

Despite fans having concerns about Chris Pratt’s voice acting as Mario, he did solid work and throughout the movie, it is easy to forget he was playing Mario.

The star of the movie was, hands down, ‘Bowser’ who was played by Jack Black, in the Mario games we all view Bowser as this evil monster, but in this story, he is almost the complete opposite.

Yes, he was still a big threat to the famed Mushroom Kingdom. But, he was hilarious and surprisingly a great singer.

Now of course, the movie came with its flaws but my only true complains about the movie is that there was barely any character development and only one true emotional moment between Mario and the franchise’s inaugural villain, Donkey Kong.

But with it being a movie for kids, I could understand why they didn’t go that route and I don’t mind that because this movie didn’t need much character development, knowing that most people that are watching are aware of who these characters are in the movie because of the video game.

Despite it’s more simplistic leanings, it is hard to not appreciate this movie for what it tries to be.

Overall I enjoyed this film for what it was, it did what it needed to do, and the hype, though very high, was absolutely worth it.

I’d give this film a nice 7.5/10, it had tons of action and great references to the video game. This is a movie you will enjoy and I would recommend watching it whenever you get the chance.

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Michael Delgado, Editor in Chief
Michael Delgado is the Editor in Chief for Talon Marks. Outside of the newsroom, he enjoys listening to Hip Hop and R&B and hopes to work for Fox Sports in the near future.
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The new ‘Mario Bros Movie’ is for the people, not the critics