Cerritos College students show off their talents at the Applied Music spring recitals

Rosaura Montes and Rosaura Montes

Flute player Joel Tercero, who is a music and business major, from the Applied Music program learned and memorized the solo flute piece of “Fantasia in G Major” by George Philipp Telemann in three weeks.

This solo piece was recited by a Tercero at BC-51 at the first day of recitals for the Music Applied program and was played with quick breaths and strict timing for Tercero.

“Carmen” Fantasy was the second piece that Tercero recited and learned how to play in four days.

“I’m just glad that it’s [the recital] is over, ” Tercero said.

His accompanist for the piano part of “Carmen” was Anne Shin. Both musicians worked together in a dazzling grasp with one another to pull through the music.

“The two pieces that I performed are really different from one another,” continued Tercero.

Music major Kris Raman played two jazz pieces, “Chromazone” by Mike Stern and “A Maiden Voyage” by Herbie Hancock, with his electric guitar and was assisted by bass player Angel Torres.

Raman said, “You only get one unit [to be in the applied music class] and get private lessons for what ever instrument you play [or vocals] once a week for a whole semester.

“In that end, you just get a lot of experience performing in front of a class,” he added.

Music education and performance major Reyneelynn Cameros noted that, “The performances were amazing.”

Recitals will continue through out the semester.