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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Majid Jordan comes back and stuns fans

Susan Romero
Majid holding the mic passionately as they performed “Tears In Your Eyes.”

After a 2 year hiatus, the 2 Canadian artists, Majid Jordan, made their way back to Los Angeles on Nov. 2. for their recently released album, Good People.

The concert was hosted at the Fonda Theatre and had their doors open at 8 p.m. for those who had V.I.P. or early access tickets.

Although the show wasn’t going to start for another hour, the love the artists had from their fans was shown by the amount of people waiting in line. The lines wrapped around the building, eager to get into the venue to see their favorite artists.

Once in the venue, you get a feel for how intimate the show was going to be by how small the room was. But the lack of space set up a nice environment where you can hear and feel the bass.

Their vocals were crisp and even though it was a live show, Majid Jordan managed to sound the same way they do on the track.

Good People was released fairly recently and for the first hour of the show, there seemed to be a lack of singing from the crowd’s end. However, that didn’t stop them from vibing out to the beats of the bass.

But what the crowd was waiting for was the last 40 minutes of the show where they performed a lot of their older music from previous eps and albums such as Majid Jordan, Wildest Dreams and A Place Like This.

With every song, once the crowd heard the first beat they immediately knew what was about to be played and they sang them word for word.

Majid Jordan has been signed to OVO Sound since 2011 and has been releasing music with other OVO artists such as Drake. Ever since releasing Just Hold On We’re Going Home featuring Drake in 2014, the 2 artists began to gain some traction, helping them gain lifetime fans.

Katelynn Sivoneth, a local LA resident, had been waiting in line since around 6:30 p.m. and was one of the first few people in the front of the line. Sivoneth wanted to make sure she was going to get a good view during their performance.

“I’ve been a fan of them since I was like 16,” said Sivoneth, “I missed their last concert, I did not want to miss the chance to see them this time around.”

Sivoneth went on to mention that the whole month leading up to the concert, she spent every second of her free time learning the lyrics to their new album.

Jazmine Robles, a Majid Jordan enthusiast, had a few comments concerning the performance.

“I wish they would’ve brought out their one and only feature to perform with them, but overall it was a very good show. I would definitely come back again and again just to watch them sing live,” said Robles.

She continued, “It’s just a crazy experience to see the artists you love most sing right in front of you.”

Majid Jordan will continue their tour for the rest of December and will be hitting Chicago next. Shortly after finishing their tour in North America, they will continue their Europe tour.

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Susan Romero, Opinion Editor
Susan Romero is the Opinion Editor for this spring season, spreading the voices of the people in Cerritos College. Outside of the newsroom, she really enjoys reading books, listening to music and spending time with loved ones. Romero plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and hopes to work in GQ in the future.
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