New Fine Arts building to be built on campus

Jose Ruiz and Jose Ruiz

A new Fine Arts building is going to be built on Cerritos College’s campus by 2016.

Fine Arts and Communications Division Instructional Dean, Connie Mayfield, explains why a new Fine Arts Building is scheduled to be built, “The purpose of the Fine Arts building being constructed into a new version, is our current building is old and we have remodeled it to serve our purposes to as much extent as possible.

“We hope to move in for the Spring semester of 2016. That’s the time line that is planned. There are a lot of people on campus who are doing many things behind the scenes to make sure that we can stick to that plan. When it goes off to the Division of State Architects, that actually takes it entirely out of our control for a while,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield mentioned that the new building will not be built soon within a year to replace the 55 year- old building.

“In the grand scheme of things the spring of 2016 is not that far off, that is less than four years from right now. In terms of an institution like Cerritos College, that’s really not that long. People are already getting excited about the prospect they are starting to see it on the horizon.”

Journalism professor Rich Cameron expresses his excitement for the upcoming Fine Arts Building.

“I’m really looking forward to the new building, it’s as if you are moving to a new house. All the excitement of packing up and thinking about all the possibilities for the future. It is a few years away, but it is exciting.”