Feminist Uprising kicks off Women’s History Month

Sarah Bautista and Sarah Bautista

Women’s History Month kicked-off on Thursday with a special event hosted by Feminist Uprising, a club at Cerritos College.

A performance by the all-girl band Kassandra, which included students who are currently enrolled at Cerritos College, was part of the adrenaline running during the event.

The event drew in large crowds of students, curious to see what the event was all about.

Feminist Uprising was engaging students by asking them to sign a big white banner with reasons why they believe that feminism is important.

Male or female, all were welcomed to join in on the festivities.

There was also a bake sale being held by the club, it was fundraising for upcoming events and field trips.

Biology major Jessica Stroup feels that feminism is important because even though things seem as they are equal for both genders in today’s world, they really are not quite there yet.

“It’s important because I think a lot of people have these weird ideas about feminists as man- haters or lesbians. Also, people think that things are equal but it’s not, we still have the big pay gap,” she said.

She goes on to say that the term “feminism” needs to be thought of on a broader platform, encompassing different backgrounds of women.

“We need to be concerned about all women so we can help black women, latino women, and disabled women.”

A current major problem that Feminist Uprising club member Barbara Vela says is of upmost importance is human trafficking. “I think in poor areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe, over there women don’t really have rights or a say.”

Feminist Uprising meets Thursdays at 11 a.m. in SS137.

There were many students gathering near the club’s tables, excited to see what was going on.

Accounting major, Katina Hughes was one of the students who stopped by to have a close look.

Hughes believes that women should be respected as much as men.

“We are all equal. It (doesn’t) matter about our gender, it’s our capabilities (that do.) We can do the same thing as much as a man can,” she said.