Performers shine in music recital

The Applied Music Program held a music recital on Wednesday, March 26 at the music department.

Dr. Christine Lopez, director of the Applied Music and Piano Studies Program, was really pleased with the progress of her performers.

“We’ve had these students in the applied program for quite a few semesters and so I’ve seen their progress and it has been wonderful,” said Lopez.

Students have to audition before the start of the fall and spring semester in order to be in the Applied Music Program. The program offers private lessons on any particular instrument that a student wishes to play.

Lopez states that students who wish to join the Applied Music Program, have to do it quickly before the cap space of 60 students that are allowed for the program.

Janet Cisneros, music major and participant of the Applied Music Program has been playing the since the sixth grade.

“Today I felt good about my performance, it’s like a roller coaster. Once you’re on it, you can’t turn back.”

“You just have to go for it and play with your best tone and your best intention of the piece, your emotions, and whatever you have to demonstrate for your music.”

Cisneros had been preparing for her musical performance since January.

She played several movements that were composed by Francis Poulenc.

Cisneros stated that the pieces she played were difficult, because Poulenc was technically demanding with the clarinet.

“Throughout the pieces, I have to make sure that I play with a warm tone.It’s a very beautiful movement and very longing, I am glad that I got to perform it,” said Cisneros.

Ariel Salazar, psychology major, was another person that performed at the music recital. said that he has been singing ever since he was little, from there on he has been gradually developing his voice.

“I was actually pretty pleased about my performance. I was really nervous about forgetting the lyrics and I actually did but no one knew because I kept on going.”

One of the songs that Salazar got to play was from one of his favorite musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

Salazar, who has been in the applied music program, has been practicing for his performance since January.

Anyone who is interested in joining the program have to be enrolled in any classes at Cerritos College. The Applied Music Program offers private lessons in piano, organ, voice, electric and acoustic guitar.