Local death metal band ‘Derogatory’ has big plans for the future

The death metal band ‘Derogatory’ has played over 8,000 shows all over the Los Angeles and Valley area and this summer, they are planning on touring all over the coast.

The band, who has been together for a little over two years has has a unique name, which, Christian Ordonez, lead guitarist of the band, says, “I actually found the name out, I saw a sign just with the definition and I figured it suits to the music and the style.”

The band, which consists of four members, debuted last December with the album title “Above all Else” and distributed worldwide under their record label FDA Rekots.

With song titles such as “To Escape What Is Now” and “Above All Else” their music has an underlying message for fans to take from it. Ordonez says, “every song has it’s own topic, some talk about reality, death, the meaning to living. Things that everyone can relate to.”

With so many shows under its belt, the band is bound to be recurring and dedicated fans, to which Ordonez says they are, “I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces at the shows multiple times. Sometimes we have people willing to help us with out stuff, they volunteer.”

Among those fans that help the band is Jorge Montes, who has a close relationship with bassist Daniel Alonzo whom he has known since high school.

Montes who says “I’m one of the great fans” is very dedicated to them and says, “Daniel told me about all this stuff and it’s really cool ‘cause I know what’s happening in the band before they announce their stuff so it’s pretty cool.”

Montes has contributed to the band by spreading the word of their music. “I tell friends to check them out, I pass on the music. I guess that how it’s all made, telling people that they’re here and that they should listen to them.”

Daniel Alonzo, and undecided major who attends Cerritos College, is not only the band’s bassist but also one the guys who decided to start the band. “Well the band its all just started with us just jamming out one day and we were like lets start a band,” Alonzo said.

The band is largely recognized in Germany compared to the US and is looking to expand and become better recognized here at home.

Being popular and loved in Germany, where most of their fans are from, they have had concerts where about 200 people have showed up and are “crazy about them” Alonzo said.

The band is now currently working on its second album.

For more information on Derogatory visit their website.