Cerritos College Cosmetology Department has open house, shows off student work


Joe Zermeno

Fantasy hair design first place was awarded to Jennifer Lontajo (top) at the annual 2014 Cosmetology Open House. Her model, esthetican student Carissa Zug, had to sit for hours as her makeup, applied by student Vanary Deth (left), and hair were created for the judging by professionals in the field.

The Cerritos College cosmetology department held its annual end of the spring semester competition and open house on Monday, April 28.

The open house and competition is used to showcase the work of the cosmetology department’s students to their friends, family and possible future employers.

Their were four different categories held in the competition including: fantasy, up do’s, style and color, and make-up.

Students were given prizes such as blow dryers and other equipment they may need in the future for placing in either first, second or third place.

Department chair, Pam Novinski, encourages the students to participate in the contest and try their best.

“All students can strive for perfection in their fields,” she said.

The department held raffles, provided free express services to guests (such as manicures, and hair styling) and even provided snacks for their guests.

Cosmetology major, Stephanie Heizar, stressed how difficult it is to prepare for an event like this, but enjoys putting in the work with their rested of the students.

“We have to keep everything clean and sanitized the whole time. Everyone has their own little job to do in their section and we even meet and greet people who want to know more,” Heizar said.

Board of Trustees Secretary, Marisa Perez showed up at the event to support the cosmetology department and check out the work of the students and was very impressed with how big the event was and also by how many different fields their are in the department.

“I didn’t know it was this big. I’m definitely impressed with how many different components their are in the department like hair, nail and esthetician,” Perez said.

Perez was interested in the open house weeks in advance due to the great advertising done by the cosmetology department and was not surprised by how many people showed up to support.

“They did really good marketing. You can see by the turn out that they prepared for this well and there is a lot of family members young children that are here to support their family members and other students.”

The cosmetology department hosts this event every year and encourages all students to come and check out the department if they are interested.