‘Lefty’ cast prepare for upcoming show


From the official Cerritos College Theatre website.

Kenia Torres, Arts Copy Editor

“Waiting for Lefty” is just around the corner, and the crew, as well as stage managers, are getting last-minute things ready for the big play that opens Friday, Oct. 10, at the Burnight Studio Theatre at Cerritos College at 8 p.m.

The show will also be playing Oct. 11, 16, 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. The final show on Oct. 19 is at 2 p.m.

During last Saturday’s rehearsal, the crew was up and ready going over its lines and practicing to perfect the big shows the members have been preparing for students and the community of Cerritos College.

Oralia Neria, theatre art major and crew member, said, “It is going really well, we have had a lot of progress; since the beginning of the show we have (had) some last minute things to be done, but, all in all, it’s going pretty good.”

The play’s narrative involves a series of cab drivers who are planning on forming a labor strike. “Waiting for Lefty” is by Clifford Odets.

Every person involved in this play has different responsibilities, but the workers are all concentrated on getting everything in place and in order.

Stage manager Hilary Baca said, “I take notes on everything that happens and e-mail all the actors, so that when we rehearse the next time, they remember and it is fresh in their mind.”

To prepare for this play, every actor has his own way.

Gabrielle Gutierrez, a musical theatre major and also a crew member, said she prepares for the lead roll by getting more into the physical aspect of the character.

She said, “It is about getting into the body of the character, feeling how she feels and making it one character.”

Actors seem to be enjoying this process and being part of this play.

Neria added,”I love working in the play with Kevin (Slay); (he) is such a good director. It is just great.”

Erika Bailey, a theatre major and crew member, said,” It has been good and the crew is fun.”

As for what we should all expect for that day of the show still remains, for the most part, a mystery, but according to Hilary Baca, “The audience can expect an exciting show, a show that is powerful.”