Nursing program still successful


Billy Turner

The Cerritos College nursing program is up and very successful.

The program began in 1964 and has been running smooh ever since.

The program located in a building in the rear of the school. It was built in Feb. 2005.

The Department Chairwomen Dr. Charlene Fobi had great things to say about the program.

“I believe it’s a good program. The people in the community love our nurses. They say the graduates perform very well. So we will continue to supply nurses to the community.”

In the entire program, there are more than 230 students enrolled.

Tracy Thompson, another student in the nursing program, said, “I have been attending the clas for four weeks and it’s intense, but I like it.”

She continued, “I want to be a R.N. and work in pediatrics or oncology, especially in the Intensive Care Unit.”