Bringing Black History Month to Cerritos


Illustration by Tim Dickerson and Ernesto Gomez/TM

Scott Watkins

February may be a month filled with romantic dreaming and Valentine cards, but it is also a month to celebrate the history of African Americans.

Though Black History Month is usually perceived as honorary, some don’t even believe in celebrating it.

Ceejay Harris, business administration major, said, “Right now, it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Harris explained that likes a quote from the Kanye West song, “Bittersweet” how he celebrates Black History Month every day.

He likes this quote because he thinks that black history should be celebrated all year, rather than in just one month.

As far as his struggles, he wants to “keep thriving, facing adversity and not being a black teen statistic.”

To other students, Black History Month means a lot.

Cyntail Pierce, child development major, said, “(Black History Month) represents our rights and freedom.”

Pierce’s inspiration in life is herself because she explained, “No one can set my goals except me.”

Other students like to honor historical figures during Black History Month.

Uzoma Amuchie, kinesology major, exclaimed, “Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches were inspirational.”

Coordinator of Judicial Affairs Gary Cain also is a non-believer of Black History Month and believes it should be celebrated daily.

Although he does not believe in it, he appreciates the government’s acknowlegement of black history.

Cain explained, “My current inspiration is Barack Obama, not necessarily because of his skin color, but because of the amount of hope and faith he has given everyone.”