Beers Flying at The Adicts show


rebecca aguila

Adicts preform at the House of Blues on Oct. 28. Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Rebecca Aguila, Staff Writer

People of all sizes and color attended The Adicts show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Oct. 28. It was an all ages event, which allowed parents the opportunity to take their children, many of whom were wearing miniature studded leather jackets.

One word to describe this concert: SPOOKTACULAR

The Adicts are a British punk band straight from the United Kingdom who wear very popular in the 80’s and were often featured more on the Indie charts more than punk in that decade.

The tickets were surprisingly inexpensive. The price range was $25 but if you were a smart concert goer, then you were lucky enough to find cheaper tickets on Groupon.

Groupon had the tickets on discount for $16.

The Adicts are still going to be performing here in California around the Los Angeles area up until Halloween.

Mohawks and Doc Martens were present to help set the mood for a spooky yet, spectacular show, put on by The Adicts.

What’s a punk show without a mosh pit right?

The House of Blues had the right amount of space to host an epic night of moshing to The Adicts famous song “Steamroller”.

Keith “Money” Warren ,vocals, still performed as if he was back in the 80’s filled with the stamina of a 16-year-old punk teenager.

As usual, Monkey was wearing his famous joker makeup with The Adicts showing their “Clockwork Orange” theme.

At some point of the night beers began flying from all sorts of directions, showering the audience with IPA beer.

This triggered an ice rink type of mosh pit that had males and females, big or small, skating across the floor in the pit

That didn’t stop the crowd though, “Joker in the Pack” began to play and it seemed as if the audience fed off of the energy of the song and the beer showers.

Once the crowd settled down, notes of “I am Yours” began to play which had couples front and center, beers in hands, swaying back and forth singing along to the lyrics

Surprisingly, yet romantic, one of the House of Blues stage managers proposed to his girlfriend right after the song.

It was honestly a night full of great vibes, love and intentions of having pure fun.

The greatest part of this venue was that it even had an open kitchen that supplied delicious drunk food such as burgers, fries and even milkshakes.

To be fair, it isn’t recommended to drink beer and strawberry milkshakes.

That is a definite no- no, especially if you’re going to a punk show with an active mosh pit.

All set aside, the concert was definitely a show you would not want to miss whenever The Adicts are in California.

The entire set and atmosphere looked like the 1970’s classic movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Many people left the venue very satisfied with the performance of The Addicts put on for everybody.

The kids who attended the concert, will surely remember this classic punk band from the UK with their parents.

Jolly good show!