Student overcomes self-esteem issues

Student overcomes self-esteem issues

Like many teenage girls, Stacey Sadoval dealt with insecurities, self esteem an being judged throughout her life. She found ways to make changes in her life, that put her on the right path. Now that she’s in college, I asked her how her confidence is now.

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In my personal life I’ve been through a lot, I’ve had people tear me down and completely destroy me so I’ve learned to get back on my feet. So now as a college student, I’m going with the flow now college. I like the college vibe no one is  staring at you no one is judging you  no one is looking at whats your wearing  no one is looking when your sad  but yourself  in the corner of the restroom, no one cares. that’s what I like about college, im able to do mys stuff, go sit  on the grass by the tree and that not be weird because in High School is weird when your sitting down by the tree by yourself because everyone has their group of friends. And I college everyone is napping on the grass and its such a cool vibe being able to just be alone and I’ve always I don’t know why I always liked being alone I mean I have my fiends but I like spending time in my room reading books when I’m in college I sit outside by tree reading by a tree enjoy nature, I love sitting outside enjoin the nature, so its high I don’t care what other people say about me I’m my own person and I’m much happier that way.



 In your own words what do you think it takes to be confident?


Response: I think that first you have to learn love yourself and accept the person you are accept all your flass you have and ralize your falws make you the person you are and secod of all stop careing what other people think about you and start becoming your own person  because for me for such a long tome I was the girl that everyone want me to be once I stopper caring what other thought  I was able to find myself and connect with myself and do things that, like make you feel about yourself people that do things that make you feel good about yourself, work out, paint write poems do things that your interested in , that make you feel good about yourself.


Question: so what made you find yourself and build your confidence.


Respose: well, what made me start to building myself up and start building my confidence back up was realizing that I was forcing myself to be this girl that I really wast all my friends were influencing me that im the kind of girl that like to party and just u know go out with a lot of guys and I realized I not like that and that doesn’t make me happy. What makes me happy is spending time with my family and doing good in school and just being the down to earth kind of girl so once I broke away from them was hard and of hard because they were all I knew at that time I had been with then since I moved into the city I live now and so breaking away from them was hard because they always been there for me even though they were fake and they backstabbed me I still thought they were true friend t that time  and so once I broke away from that I was alone and confuse but that was the time I tuned in so my mom because my best friend and she told me what I was doing  the right thing, but she told me I was doing the right thing, and it did take me a while to find myself and once it was over , I went with the flow of things, I’m able to do and I would do it and what I didn’t I didn’t do it.


Question: now that you’re a teenager can you tell me some of  the several steps you took to build on your confidence


Response: well, I started building on it when I was younger my confidence and self esteem I found out it will take years to develop but I started with a small group pf friends when I moved  by the end of my elemetary of school, enetering middle school we were a big group of girls I also put myself ut there I took swimming and took dance class an that was a huge step for me because I had to be infront of hundreds lot of people. I don’t know how but it tought me to spontanious and just put myself out there and just have fun that really broke the water for me im now more sociable and I have more confidence in myself and my self esteem didn’t fully develop during my junior year and now I can say I have my self esteem high and my confidence high


Question: so how would you say you build your confidence


Answer: I would say that I started building my confidence during junior year in high school I sorta broke away from my friends I had here, doe girls were not the girls I wanted to be, does girl were interested in things that  really wasn’t me so once I broke away from them I started working out because I would take it made me love myself it made me feel good  and I did things I wouldn’t do so I wouldn’t do. public speaking  the teacher was amazing and insparational, the class helped me and they were people my age and now i’m able to talk about person and It was hard for me because I don’t let people see my week side ans that does build my confidence because i;m able to tackle down anything.