The L.I.V.E Chat: Spooktober Episode

The L.I.V.E Crew talks about personal paranormal experiences, share a scary ghost story and rank the best and worst Halloween treats.
The L.I.V.E Chat: Spooktober Episode

Emily: Hey guys, welcome to The L.I.V.E Chat. L.I.V.E meaning…

Layla: Layla

Ify: Ify

Vanesa: Vanesa

Emily: And Emily. Today’s episode’s gonna be a little bit about spooky stuff, Halloween stuff. So I heard Vanesa had a spooky story for us today.

Vanesa: Well, it’s kinda short but basically there was this one time where I was like asleep, well no I wasn’t asleep I was awake right? And you know how they say don’t stay up past like three (a.m.) or something?

Ify: Mmhmm

Vanesa: So I was like up at like three and then I went to the restroom and I literally just had to pee and like I swear I felt something like touch me. And like before that I wasn’t someone who like really believed in like paranormal stuff, but like after that it was like I like felt the hand so like clearly and like I like got chills. And I remember running out of the restroom.

(Ify giggles)

Emily: Did you feel anything after that? Like ever since?

Vanesa: After that, no I didn’t feel anything but I mean there was like a story like in our apartments that like someone had died there so…Not in my house but like in the..

Emily: In the complex?

Vanesa: In the complex yeah.

Ify: Do you think it was that person? Did they come back to haunt you?

Vanesa: Probably. Probably is.

Ify: Trying to shake you down.

(Vanesa laughs and agrees)

Layla: I myself actually had a really similar paranormal experience. I remember me and some friends were playing hide and seek in the dark and I had hid underneath the couch and I like shimmied under. Um and I saw my friend stand right in front of me and I grabbed her ankle just to mess with her and like kinda freak her out a bit. Um but it actually wasn’t her cause she didn’t leave the room that she was hiding in so…

Emily: So you touched somebody?

Layla: I touched someone…

(Emily screams)

Layla: …Or something.

(Ify screams)

Layla: Someone’s ankle.

Vanesa: What the hell.

Layla: Um but yeah it wasn’t…

Emily: How did you find out it wasn’t her? Or him?

Layla: Um.

Vanesa: How do you realize there was- wait. There was no one there?

Layla: It was- so I was playing with my friend and like our family like we were all playing like as a family and like um everyone heard them leave the room and they were like ‘oh like why’d you leave the room?’ like- and I was like ‘why were you in the living room?’ or like ‘why’d you stand there?’ and then they were like ‘I didn’t leave the room like I was in there (the other room) the whole time’.

Ify: What the heck.

Layla: And we were all like ‘No we saw you leave’ and they were like ‘No I was in the closet this whole time’. So it was pretty…

(Layla giggles)

Layla: It was pretty scary.

Ify: That’s actually pretty freaky.

Vanesa: So you literally grabbed no one’s ankle.

Layla: Yeah.

Emily: Well she grabbed somebody’s.

Layla: Something yeah.

Ify: No one was like playing a trick on you? Or anything?

Layla: uh uh.

Ify: That’s actually really crazy. That’s really spooky.

Layla: So we all saw my friend leave but none of us like- it wasn’t actually them, which is crazy.

Ify: That’s actually really…

Emily: How old were you? Wait how old was this?

Layla: I was 14 when this happened.

Emily: That’s really young.

(Layla giggles)

Emily: That’s scary, that’s scary.

Ify: That’s traumatizing.

Layla: It was really scary yeah. And were like literally in a hotel room so it was like…

Ify: Oh my gosh it was probably the hotel ghost!

(Everyone laughs)

Layla: Yeah, super unfamiliar like setting. It was just super creepy.

Ify: Yeah.

Layla: Mmhmm

Ify: He was like ‘Let me play with you guys’.

(Everyone laughs)

Vanesa: And how bout you Iffy, do you have any stories?

Ify: Umm, no I don’t really have any like paranormal experiences or stories or anything like that. How about you Emily, do you?

Emily: I could say mine. I feel like I’ve had a few throughout my life but one that I like really remember vividly is when I was a kid, probably like elementary school, around that age. And I went to my mom’s job cause she used to work for like an agency and they’d always have like events for kids and stuff. So she took me with her and I feel like as a kid I was always kinda like smart. Like I knew like what was going on and so I’d ask her, I’m like ‘Is this place haunted?’ and she’d be like ‘No like what are you talking about?’. And then like I’d run around like with the little kids who were at the event, and there was like this back room and it was just scary. Like I couldn’t really remember- like I can’t really remember what happened but I just know that like nobody wanted to go back there. And then we all-all the kids ended up going back there together and then I was like ‘Come on guys like let’s just go check it out’. So we went and I just remember like hearing my mom talk with the other adults and saying like ‘Yeah something definitely goes on here’. But they didn’t wanna tell us because we were kids you know?

(Ify giggles)

Vanesa: Yeah

Emily: So after that like after I heard her say that I just like ran out of the bathroom screaming. But that place, it was just so odd it felt like one of those liminal spaces like all the lights were like dim, it was like this weird office space. So that’s my story.

Vanesa: That’s so creepy.

Layla: That’s crazy.

Ify: So the energy was just like really…

Emily: Yeah the energy definitely odd.

Ify: Especially, I feel like as kids like you could really tell like you know like when you’re older and you have like intuition? But like kids like kinda like already know, so I feel like it’s just like the feeling and stuff like that.

Emily: It just felt like we should not be playing here, we should not be having an event here yeah.

Ify: Children should not be back here.

Emily: But enough of the based on true stories lets get into more creative side, iffy’s has a story she wrote for us.

Ify: Omg are you guys ready to be scared?

Everyone: were ready, we’re ready.

Ify: okay starting to get a little spooky in here.

Layla: Our seatbelts are buckled

(Everyone chuckles)

Ify: Okay so my story that i have is called “the curse of Marylin Dyer” so Marylin Dyer was just like this really beautiful young girl um she was a hospice nurse working in Los Angeles in the the 1970’s and when i say beautiful like she was gorgeous like she was tall, long beautiful dark hair, and like emerald green eyes. And she was like in between the ages of 22 to 25. So one night, and it just so happen to be on Halloween night, you know how like everything always happens on Halloween night. So on Halloween night she was scheduled to work her overnight shift at um at an elderly woman’s house who was terminally ill and those of you who don’t know like what hospice is, hospice is basically when you care for people that are basically on their way out. You don’t really do anything like treat them or give them medicine or anything, you’re just basically there to like comfort them until they leave. So on Halloween night she was scheduled to work at Ms.’s Hapsburgs house and um she was instructed that when she gets there to use the key underneath the spare key underneath the mat to open the door and gain entry into the house. So for her night shift that’s what she did, she arrived at the house, she used the spare key to open the door and immediately right when she walks in there’s like this horrible horrible horrible stench that just like slaps her in the face and she looks around the house and it’s just like completely cluttered, completely dirty, flies everywhere, plates not washed, not cleaned, it looked like no one had lived there in like years so that that threw her off but despite that she heard a beeping noise in the back, assuming that could be like you know the old lady’s heart monitor. So she gets her stuff, puts it down um puts her stuff down on the counter and walks towards where she hears the heart monitor, she knocks on the door and the old woman tells her to come in. So when she comes in she sees that the old woman is watching T.V. but there’s nothing on the T.V. screen its just static, the woman is just staring at the static T.V. So Marylin introduces herself to this old woman, lets her know that she’s her hospice nurse and that she’ll be caring for her for the rest of the night. The old woman looks from the T.V to her and just tells her “could you make me some soup, I’m very hungry” So Marylin’s like “okay, I’ll go make her, her little soup” so she walks back out and she goes into the kitchen and starts looking through her cabinets to see like what soup that the old lady has for her to um for her to eat. She find some clam chowder, puts that in a bowl and then slams it into the microwave warming it up for her. Well just a few seconds into her warming up this uh this clam chowder, this soup for her, the lights shut off. So Marylin’s like “okay, it’s kinda creepy but power outages aren’t anything that’s you know unusual, especially it- with it being on Halloween night like things are just a little bit more on edge. Marylin was a chains smoker so she had a lighter in her bag so she feels through the dark to feel her bag on the kitchen counter and she gets her bag and she finds her lighter and she lights it. She looks around just to see like where she’s stepping so she goes, and then she goes back down the hallway to check on Ms.’s Hapsburg and to see like okay well if she could find a power outage just to let- you know to turn the lights back on. Well she gets back into Ms. Hapsburgs room and she sees that Ms.’s Hapsburgs isn’t in her bed but the T.V. is still on and staticky. So she’s wondering how the T.V. could be on when the whole entire power in the house, and when I say its dark, it’s like pitch black dark. So within her confusion she hears somebody say, “Marylin” so she turns around and is Ms.’s Hapsburg in the middle of the hallway, so she’s like Ms. Hapsburg what are you doing out of your bed like? Lets get you back in and is there a power outage, or power box that I can look at so i can turn on back the lights?

(Ify clears her throat)

Ify: Ms.Hapsburg doesn’t respond to her, so Marilyn starts walking towards her but Ms. Hapsburg starts walking back. She’s walking slowly back, slowly back all the way back until she hits the door, slams her body against the door and she’s like Ms. Hapsburg what’s going on? She is trying to rationalize exactly like whats happening, well maybe she has dementia, she’s old, you know, she’s sick, maybe her mind, she’s lost her wits about her so its probably one of these nights where it’s going to be a hassle dealing with this patient. So she starts walking towards Ms. Hapsburg but right before she gets to her, Ms. Hapsburg says “Marilyn” in a very deep voice and immediately Marilyn freezes and she’s frozen and she’s paused, she can’t move her arms and she can’t move her legs she can’t move anything. She’s just standing there in the middle of the hallway looking at Ms. Hapsburg. Marilyn’s eyes start to get bigger and her mouth starts to open as she sees Ms. Hapsburg change and shape shift into this–

Emily: Okaayyyy…

(Vanesa swirls)

Ify: Okay okayy. So Marilyn’s eyes begin to grow and her mouths open agape, as she watches Ms. Hapsburg grow and change into this dark, creepy, tall figure, she’s just growing and growing and growing, almost to the point where she looks like she’s about to bust through the celling, but she doesn’t. So its not Ms. Hapsburg anymore , it’s this tall, lengthy, black dark figure thats just hovering at the, at the front of the door. And Marilyn can’t move she, she can’t speak, she can’t say anything she’s stuck and so is her face. Once she saw that Ms. Hapsburg was changing into that, her face an her mouth were stuck, she couldn’t move anything. So the creature starts crawling to her, slowly walking up, opens up her mouth with its claws, and starts sucking the sou–

Emily: Okay!

(Vanesa giggles)

Ify: The soul out of Marilyn Dier. When Ms. Hapsburg was walking backwards from Marilyn she was saying “Eh tu fah , eh toe mae. Eh tu fah eh toe mae” so

Vanesa: That gave me chills..

Layla: Yeahh

Ify: Its pretty scary guys. SO–

Emily: What does that mean ?

Ify: Yeah it’s getting to, into the explanation of it. So Marilyn’s soul has just been sucked out by this completely dark being and Marilyn is dead. So the overall, uh, tale of this story is, Ms. Hapsburg just happened to be a shape shifting deity that was cursed by the devil

Vanesa: Uhhhh

Ify: And captures the souls beautiful young women and curses them with the same fate. So the curse is what Ms. Hapsburg was saying “eh tu fah eh toe mae, eh tu fah eh toe mae.” So before she sucks the soul out of Marilyn Dier, she cursed Marilyn Dier’s soul. So now on Halloween night, Marilyn is able to roam free, with the ability to shape shift into anything that she wants, anything beautifully and aesthetically pleasing to lure, to lure anyone that she chooses in and then suck the soul out of them hoping that if she sucks up enough souls that hers will be set free. And that’s the curse of Marilyn Dier.

Emily: And you made that up by yourself?

Ify; I did, I did, I did.

Emily: Girl, that’s very creative

(Ify laughs)

(Everyone chatters)

Emily: It sounds like an actual–

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Vanesa: Well be careful on Halloween

Ify: Honestly, some of the stuff that I made up, like i did write this but some of it has a little truth into it especially the sucking the souls of the beautifully pleasing. Umm thats actually an urban legend that on halloween night that theres a woman that comes around dresses, umm, typically because Marilyn was a nurse , umm , she would come as a nurse, but she comes as anything thats like beautifully and pleasing and what they say about the devil is that the devil is beautiful. So she comes as anything beautifully and aesthetically pleasing, and if she lures you in, thats just the last time that you’ll ever be seen alive. So, there’s a little truth to it.

Ify: So be careful on Halloween night.

Vanesa: Mhmmm

Ify: Be careful of those people dressed as nurses too, cause they might be uh, soul sucking — okay that actually sounded.

(Ify laughs)

Vanesa: Be who gives–! Be careful who gives you candy.

Ify: Right be careful who gives you candy! And be careful who–

Layla: Speaking of candy…

Ify: Mhmmmm

(Book slams)

Ify: Let’s lighten up the mood a little bit.

(Everyone agrees)

Emily: Yeahh.. lets talk about the best and worst candy you can receive on Halloween.

Vanesa: Can I start this off with saying its tootsie.

Emily: You don’t like tootsie rolls?

Vanesa: Yes

Emily: I love tootsie rolls!

Layla: Absolutely not

Vanesa: I hate those

Emily: I love tootsie rolls..

Emily: Wait that’s your best or your worst?

Vanesa: No, that’s my worst

Emily: Oh, okay okay..

Vanesa: No its my worst

Layla: Yeah, that is the worst

Ify: I don’t agree, I think tootsie rolls are a nice staple, you know when you want to cleanse your palette

Emily: They’re okay. I like them, they’re not my worst though.

Layla: I think they have an odd texture. It’s like, weird.

Emily: I like the texture, it’s chewy.

Ify: Yeah, I like it too.

Emily: So what’s your best?

Vanesa: My best? Mm, Snickers.

Ify: Ooooo

Vanesa: Yeah I like chocolate, that’s why I don’t like tootsie

Ify: Mmm-hmm

Emily: Isn’t tootsie chocolate though?

Vanesa: I know but that’s why it’s such a like…

Emily: Overpowering?

Vanesa: No it’s like..

Ify: Like a bland chocolate?

Vanesa: Yeah!

Ify: It doesnt taste like anything else?

Layla: It just tastes like stale chocolate

Vanesa: It’s like a disappointment to chocolate

Ify: Aww, poor tootsie. How about you, Layla, what’s your favorite?

Layla: Hmm, I’m an M&M stan. I love M&M’s

Emily: Ooo yes

Layla: I love almond M&M’s, if you guys haven’t had the almond ones those are really good. Peanut M&M’s are always a must, I like the (what’s it called), they have cold brew ones- those are actually really good.

Ify: They have cold brew M&M’s? Okay, I’ve never had cold brew M&M’s

Layla: They have cold brew M&M’s yeah, I love M&M’s though so I definitely have to say M&M’s. And then worst, I would say like Twizzlers or something.

Emily: I like those!

Ify: I love Twizzlers!

Vanesa: Anything I hate more than tootsie is definitely Twizzler, or licorice.

Layla: Yeah, I hate Twizzlers

Ify: I like both!

Emily: This is clearly divided like

(all laugh and agree)

Emily: Me and Ify are on one side

Ify: Right like I like those. But the worst ones are, I feel like. Okay, so I feel like with mine, I would say the worst one to get is Almond Joy. I feel like that’s the worst candy in general.

Emily: That’s like old people candy

Ify: No seriously, am I like 65 in church with you, like why are you giving me an Almond Joy?

Vanesa: I love Almond Joy.

Ify: That’s disgusting! Look at you, that’s gross.

(all laughing)

Ify: That’s actually gross, I feel like coconut and chocolate should not be two things

Vanesa: Coconut, chocolate, almond..

Ify: And a nut- and an almond. It’s like, do you like pistachios then?

Vanesa: That’s my favorite part!

(laughter continues)

Ify: That’s just gross, you said the almond is the best part? You’re actually so funny

Emily: Wait you like Almond Joy?

Vanesa: Yes!

Emily: Oh! She does! Okay!

Ify: That actually is so funny, Vanesa is old at heart

Layla: If it didn’t have coconut I’d probably like them.

Ify: Gross! So is Layla

Layla: Because it sounds like something I’d like

Ify: Vanesa and Layla are 75 and 85 years old when it comes to candy

Layla: Yeah

Ify: And then okay so my best would probably be candy corn.

Layla: Wait, what?

Ify: Yup, I ‘m gonna, I love-

Layla: Im pretty sure you’re alone with that one

Ify: I do! I do, I know everybody is like oh, candy corn is the worst, but I kind like it. I like biting the white part first and then like the orange part and biting the yellow, I like the three layers I get to enjoy all at once and I think that’s the best

Emily: Yeah, you’re going to be alone on that one. For me, I think the worst candy is like anything with like peanut, or almond. So like Snickers, Butterfinger, anything like that I cannot, like

Vanesa: What is it that you don’t like about it

Emily: I don’t like, like peanuts and anything nut kind of thing

Ify: Oh okay

Emily: I’m not like a, I don’t eat them in trail mix either it’s just like I don’t like it. But I think the best would be, I don’t know, I like M&M’s. I think I like chocolate better than I like the sour, sour is like a little too much. But I like the sour patch watermelon

Vanesa: Oh yeah those are good

Ify: Oooo

Emily: Which, it’s rare that they hand those out, but sometimes you get lucky

Ify: Mm-hmm, they be stingy with it sometimes. They give you like, the little generic candy, too. Like the little, I hate getting those little DumDum lollipops

(all agree in disapproval)

Ify: I used to be like what am I going to do with like all these lollipops

Emily: And they always end up open somehow, like the wrapper is always somehow open

Ify: And then your bag is all sticky. Gross.

Layla: Or the bat shaped Reese’s pieces. The Reese’s

Emily: I think, yeah, I know what you’re talking about

Ify: I don’t really like Reese’s pieces that much

Vanesa: You know what I don’t like? Like the original gummy bears, I don’t like gummy bears

Ify: Oh, like the Haribo

Emily: I like those, those are good!

Vanesa: I do not like them

Ify: Yeah, and they don’t have flavor. They just taste like rubber

Layla: I’m vegetarian anyways, so all the gelatin

Ify: So Vanessa and Layla are 85 and 65 years old, and then Emily likes to eat rubber!

(all laugh)

Ify: And I like candy corn! So we’re all a crazy bunch over here.

Emily: I think that’s where we’re gonna leave off for today’s podcast, leave you guys on a lighthearted note. But thanks for listening hopefully we’ll get another podcast out soon, something different.

Ify: Enjoy your spooky season.

Vanesa: Be careful!

Ify: Be careful, don’t…

Layla: Be careful with all the Marilyn’s and nurses

Ify: Exactly, be careful with all the Marilyn’s. And I curse everybody on this podcast with the Marilyn Dier curse.

(all laughing)

Vanesa: Be safe out there guys

Ify: Yeah, be safe this Halloween and just have a good time, dress up, have fun, get all the candies. Enjoy your Halloween

Vanesa: Bye guys!

All: Bye!

[Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Crypt Kickers fades out]

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