Comadres Are Talking!: Emotional Incest

Diana and Susan share their opinions and personal experiences when dealing with emotional incest.
Comadres Are Talking!: Emotional Incest

Diana: Hi, I’m Diana.

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan.

Diana: And today we’re going to be talking about..

Susan: Emotional incest!

Both: Ewwww!


Susan: So, for those who don’t know, emotional incest is also known as a covert incest. A phenomenon where a mother relies on her son for emotional support and throws mega tantrums when they need to look after someone else.

Diana: Have you ever seen those Tiktoks where they’re like- it’s always a girl explaining their experience where their mom, like the mom of their significant other just like goes bat shit crazy for hanging out with their girlfriend, it’s like why?

Susan: Yeah, I have seen that a lot, I think it’s lowkey a little bit weird when I do see the videos on Tiktok. But it kind of does remind me of when I was going out with my ex.

Diana: Ew.

Susan: Dude yeah.

Diana: You’ve experienced emotional incest before then? Well, not you but you’ve witnessed-

Susan: I saw it. At first, my brain wasn’t really registering that that’s what it was right? But I was just like, well why is he like running after to help her?

Diana: What would happen?

Susan: Get ready.


Diana: Getting carried away!

Susan: I’m getting a little too far ahead. She would have anxiety attacks randomly but they would be bad ones where like she would even need her inhaler sometimes.

Diana: Why? Just cause he was out with you?

Susan: Yeah dude. It would just be weird. She would tell him like, “I feel like you don’t really spend that much time with me. I just want you to spend time with me and your dad at least.” I mean she would bring up his dad too but it would still just be kind of a little bit uncomfortable with seeing her like react that kind of way.

Diana: In front of you?

Susan: Yeah, in front of me.

Diana: Ew, so throwing tantrums in front of both of you guys to guilt trip you.

Susan: Yeah, I feel like that’s what it was. But there was this one time, dude it’s been like several events.

Diana: Oh dang.

Susan: Yeah there’s this one other time where we were both in the room and then he went outside I guess to go talk to her about something but then that little moment turned into like 30 minutes. I wasn’t trying to overhear but they were kind of speaking loud at some point and it kind of sounded like she was just really getting upset over the fact that like he just wasn’t spending that much time with her. I guess they were having a little bit of their own issues but it was kind of just a little bit too much.

Diana: Yeah, that’s weird. Especially when they be like, “Oh, you’re the man of the house now,” and I feel like they really be taking, like they want them to take that role like being man of the house. It’s like no, that’s still your son, like why are you treating them like a significant other? Why are you being all up on them? Why are you being touchy?

Susan: Yeah like if you didn’t really like your man, drop him and go get a new one.


Susan: Like don’t be doing that with your son.

Diana: Yeah especially cause they created their version of like a “perfect man.” Like I don’t know it’s weird. I just don’t comprehend that.

Susan: No, it is weird but at the same time though, it kind of makes him a little bit be more supportive of me. He knows how to like-


Diana: You know what being a momma’s boy-


Susan: It kind of pays off.

Diana: You think so?

Susan: No but I mean..

Diana: You know what, I feel like there’s different levels.

Susan: Yeah, yeah for sure.

Diana: Definitely, cause there’s some that are really like.. I don’t know I’ve seen videos where the mom of the son will be super yelling and being almost violent towards the girlfriend for just being with them. It’s like, why are you attacking this girl? Like your son is choosing to be with her. Why are you mad?

Susan: Maybe it might not be on the subject but it kind of reminds me of like when moms also get mad when the girlfriends sit in front of the seat instead of her. Why are you tripping that bad over that? It’s just a seat, go sit in the back.


Diana: You’re funny! What if they’re like, it’s a respect thing?

Susan: Do you think it’s really a respect thing?

Diana: I don’t know to be honest with you.

Susan: I don’t think so.

Diana: Wait, are you in the car already or are they making you get off and go to the backseat?

Susan: No, like I’m in the car already.

Diana: And they make you get out?

Susan: Yeah..

Diana: Oh.. I’ve only been in the situation where I’m already in the like, no they’re-

Susan: Like when you’re walking towards the seat?

Diana: Yeah I’m already going to be in the back seat if that makes sense. They’re already in the car.

Susan: Oh okay.

Diana: So I haven’t been the other way around.

Susan: Oh okay.

Diana: Hm, that one’s tricky.


Diana: I don’t know.

Susan: Wait, so you’ve sat then with your boyfriend and his mom in the front?

Diana: Yeah.

Susan: …and you in the back?

Diana: Mhm, but I don’t feel like..

Susan: I mean yeah, I guess it just kind of depends on the dynamic of you guys.

Diana: Yeah that’s why I was like..

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: So another thing about emotional incest is that sometimes it could be the other way around where the children is doing it to the parent. So there’s this video on Twitter that’s been going viral and this is how the daughter is talking to her mom.

Daughter: No cause I had an attitude and now I’m annoyed with you.

Mom: Same difference, go!


Daughter: What you fail to remember is that no matter how many times you sleep with this man, you’re not blood related to him.

Mom: Wow.

Daughter: If this man needed a kidney or a blood transfusion, who would they ask?

Dad: Hmm

Daughter: Me.

Mom: Who needs enemies when you have daughters?

Daughter: I’m just saying you created children but like you’re never going to be related to him, you’re married to him. If you sign a piece of paper, you guys wouldn’t have to be in each other’s lives anymore. I will always be in his life because I am a piece of him.

Dad: Wow.

*End of Audio*

Susan: No, wait.

Diana: No no no.

Susan: It was – First of all, I know they can’t see the video but it was all the touching for me! It was all the facial expressions for me, she was doing-

Diana: She was dogging her mom!

Susan: She was!

Diana: She was straight up dogging her mom.

Susan: And she was looking at her dad like-

Diana: All lovey-dovey, heart eyes.

Susan: *fake screaming*

Diana: Like what? And the dad’s just smiling.

Susan: That’s scary! Yeah, he’s like all happy about it.

Diana: Yeah, there’s a difference between being a daddy’s girl and being like weird like that. Like why are you telling your mom like, “Oh you’re not blood related to him.” Why would she? You guys are married, like what?


Diana: And she could say the same thing about her mom, like she’s blood related to her mom too so..

Susan: Right.

Diana: Why are you – She’s literally talking to her like some random on the street.

Susan: Right.


Diana: Like what?

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Susan: Not her mom saying too, “You don’t need enemies when you have your daughter.”

Diana: So you know that’s not the first time she talks to her like that.

Susan: Right, no! Their dynamic for real must be bad!

Diana: Competing with your daughter.

Susan: For your man.


Diana: Noo, oh no.

Susan: No wait.

Diana: How does that even happen?

Susan: Somebody said “For real, I don’t know this is so weird to me, why would she say that?” about how like no matter how many times she sleeps with him like they’ll never be related.

Diana: Yeah!

Susan: Like why was that necessary to bring that up?

Diana: That’s a weird comment to say like why does that happen? Like how?

Susan: For real. Just say that they’re not related and that’s it. Don’t mention the whole sleeping with him part.

Diana: Ew.

Susan: I’m like, do you want to sleep with him?

Diana: Eww, no. No, no no. That’s something, how does that even happen? How are you attracted?

Susan: I know, how do we get to that point in the relationship? Like…

Diana: I don’t know.

Susan: You know what I mean, how do we get there?

Diana: Literally, how do you grow up and just be like, “Yeah, let me, let me talk to my dad like that.” *Laughs* “Let me talk to my mom like this,” like that’s weird.

Susan: Yeah, not my dad. That is weird.

Diana: At first I thought it was honestly just, at first I would see it a lot in moms with their sons. Like I never would of thought the daughter doing it the other way around. Like you know?

Susan: No me either.

Diana: Until I saw that.

Susan: I don’t know if it’s just cause I’m not close with my dad but girl-


Diana: Me! I’m like me with my daddy issues. Like oh no!

Susan: I don’t know that just doesn’t seem right!

Diana: No. I think there’s a big difference between being like a daddy’s girl and then like-

Both: That!


Diana: Literally that cause why are you telling your mom like, “you just sign a piece of paper like you’re never going to be blood related to him,” like what? I don’t, I just don’t get it.

Susan: Ew, yeah.

Diana: And then like yeah she mentions the amount of times having sex right?

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: Like why are you, why?


Diana: Does she have siblings? I need the sibling’s input.

Susan: I know that’s what I was thinking about too! I was like do they have any daughters, like any other daughters?

Diana: Are they the only child? Only child syndrome?

Susan: Mmm, that kind of does gives only child vibes.

Diana: I don’t know. Ugh. You know what’s always I feel like if it’s the only guy in the family, they get treated like that too.

Susan: Especially if they’re the only guy.

Diana: Mhm.

Susan: I feel like the moms even guilt trip them too into thinking like, “Oh like it’s just me and you. You have to stay with me, we can’t be apart.”

Diana: Yeah they definitely do.

Susan: Cause I feel like most of the time whenever you do see an only child, when you get with them, it’s like you’re getting with him and the whole family. You’re literally not just getting them because they’re the only person.

Diana: I haven’t experienced that.

Susan: It’s literally like a baggage.

Diana: Really?

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: I haven’t experienced that yet. I feel like I get it, cause they’re the only child. All the attention.

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: I would not want.

Susan: But there has to be like a limit. We have to draw a line somewhere girl cause…


Diana: I don’t know why the dad hasn’t in that video that we shared..

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: Like why didn’t the dad draw a line like, “Hey, don’t talk to your mom like that.”? Cause he’s part-taking in it.

Susan: Right. Eww, that’s weird you’re right!

Diana: Yeah cause he was just giggling and laughing about it. Even the mom too, yeah she said the enemy comment but like still. I think both of them should have been a grown-up then and there and been like, “Hey, why are you talking to me like this? Why are you talking to your mom like that?” That’s weird like ew.

Susan: Yeah, that’s weird. Know your place. I feel like, it’s giving like the dad’s not even in love with his wife. What do you mean you’re just-


Susan: You know what I mean?

Diana: Yeah like he’s just hehe, haha-ing about it.

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: And I’ve seen comments too under that post saying like, “Oh yeah like when a man and a woman look at you and make comments like they don’t respect you.” And that’s how it looked like, the man wasn’t saying anything but he was just looking. Kind of agreeing.

Susan: Yeah!

Diana: Also dogging the wife in a way. Ugh, that’s nasty.

Susan: That is nasty.

Diana: I don’t know me personally I feel like I would just get turned off by that. I’d be like ew, like if it was my boyfriend doing it or like the mom doing it, I’d just be like, “Bye! I gotta go.”


Diana: That’s a wrap for us ’cause what’s going on? I should not feel the need to compete with your mom.

Susan: No, literally.

Diana: That should not be a thing. That should not exist in the world of dating. Why are you competing with your mom? Or with the dad? Like uh-uh.

Susan: No yeah for real. That kind of brings back to the whole my first ex thing.


Susan: Uh-uh, don’t put up with it like I did. It’s weird. It makes you uncomfortable like you really don’t know what to do in that moment cause its like,,,

Diana: Yeah especially when they do it in front of the girlfriend.

Susan: Dude, she would do it in front of me. That’s why I’m just like there’s nothing you could really do in that moment. Like just don’t.

Diana: Yeah, it’s tricky.

Susan: Don’t put yourself into that situation. If they’re an only child, run.


Susan: Don’t even stay bitch, bye! Cause that shit’s too much, mm-mm.

Susan: Thank you guys for listening!

Diana: Make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms @Talonmarks.

Both: Bye!


Diana: Oh my god.

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