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Trash Talk Episode 2: Guess the MLB logos

Joel: Alright guys, what’s up? Welcome back to episode two of trash talk. My name is Joel Carpio This is Emily Maciel, and we have a special guest today.

Ify: Hi I’m Ifeoma.

Joel: We’re gonna be doing an MLB team quiz she’s gonna be guessing the logos of all the MLB teams and we’ll see what crazy names she comes up with.

Emily: For the record she’s not much of a baseball person so she doesn’t know too much but.

Ify: I don’t know anything.

Emily: We’re gonna play this little game. See what we get.

Joel: What do you think what team do you think that is? What does it look like to you?

Ify: A bird…with a hat. A bird with a hat (Ifeoma laughs) I don’t even know, I can’t even tell you. I don’t know this man.

Emily: Just give him a name.

Ify:I don’t know, Birdie. (Ifeoma laughs)

Emily: I don’t even know his name, what’s his name?

Joel: It’s a team from Baltimore. The team name starts with an O and it’s a bird.

Ify: Ostriches?

Emily: That’s not actually that bad.

Joel: It’s the Baltimore Orioles.

Ify: Orioles, okay.

Emily: We should’ve said it’s like a cookie.

Joel: Nooo

Emily: She would’ve probably got it, Oreos, Orioles.

Ify: I don’t even know what an Oriole is, okay,

Emily: Okay, next one.

Joel: Wel that one kind of says the name of it but.

Ify: I don’t know, Black Sox.

Emily: Close, close the opposite the opposite, no the opposite of black.

Ify: White Sox. okay.

Ify and Emily: Yayyyy…

Emily: Okay, come on now.

Joel: This is her team.

Ify: Houston.

Emily: Yeahhh! She know me, she know me.

Ify: Houston Stars.

Emily: That’s not bad, that’s not bad guys.

Ify: That’s it.

Emily: That’s not bad.

Joel: It’s the Houston Astros

Ify: Astros? How do you get Astros if there’s a star?

Joel: Cause Astros is like space.

Ify: Oh Okay, okay, okay.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: All right.

Emily: That’s not bad. That’s not a bad guess.

Ify: Um

Emily: This one

Ify: The A’s, Atlanta?

Emily: Yeah, it’s an Atlanta. It’s in Atlanta but it’s not the A’s.

Ify: Atlanta cursives? I don’t know, A Town basketball or I mean baseball. A town baseball.

Joel: Well, you’re right about the city.

Ify: Okay. Atlanta. Braves? That’s what they’re they are Braves?

Emily: Okay, this is also in Chicago. And it’s like a bear.

Ify: Chicago Bears.

Emily: No, no, no, no, no, no, yeah.

Joel: What’s the small version of a bear?

Ify: A Cub?

(Emily and Ify excitedly cheer) Yeah. Yay. Yeah.

Emily: This one- (Emily sighs)

Joel: It’s a desert city.

Ify: A desert city? Nevada.

Joel: No.

Emily: Close.

Ify: Utah?

Emily: You’re in the right area.

Ify: Damn what else is over there?

Emily: It’s close to California. You can drive there. It’s like near those what you just said.

Ify: It’s near Utah?

Emily: It’s hot, it’s hot.

Ify: Death Valley?

Emily: No. It’s a different state. It’s really hot there.

Ify: Arizona.

Emily: And now look at the okay, what’s the opposite of the front?

Ify: The back.

Emily: Okay, now what’s on the back? Like? What are those little-

Ify: Scales? Arizona scales. Arizona…

Emily: I don’t know how else to explain it.

Joel: What animal does that look like?

Ify: Alligators?

Emily: What?

Joel: Arizona alligators?

Ify: I don’t know.

Emily: Wait It’s a- it’s an animal?

Joel: Yes.

Emily: What is it? I was not aware of that.

(Ify giggles)

Emily: I was not aware of that.

Joel: It’s the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s a type of snake.

Emily: I didn’t know- I didn’t know it was a type of snake I just thought that was their logo.

Ify: Horrible logo.

Emily: Sorry guys I didn’t know that.

Ify: horrible logo. It does not give diamond back.

Emily: Okay. You know this one, you told us you knew them.

Ify: Boston Red Sox.

Emily: Yesss, she got another one.

Joel: She got that one straight off.

Ify: I thought it was gonna be a sock and red.

Joel: That’s their thing too.

Emily: You can have multiple logos, see like that one.

Ify: I know baseball, I’m a professional.

Joel: This was relatively new, so I don’t expect-

Emily: Yeah

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Ify: It’s a C, is it Chicago?

Joel: It’s a Cleveland team.

Ify: Okay, Cleaveland…The Cleavelands.

Emily: The Cleveland Show.

Ify: Yeah (Emily giggles) The Cleveland Clevelands, The Cleveland Baseball Team.

Emily: That’s actually not that bad.

Joel: They were gonna call themselves that.

Ify: They were called- the Cleaveland Baseball Team?

Joel: They were gonna call themselves that.

Emily: Oh okay, It’s like that movie with the raccoon that has a rocket- his name is rocket sorry.

Ify: Oh, okay. Okay, okay.

Emily: What’s first part of that?

Ify: Cleaveland rockets.

Emily: No, no, no, no, you know what I’m tryna say? (motions towards Joel)

Joel: What’s the movie the one that’s blank of the galaxy?

Emily: Blank of the galaxy and they have that-

Ify: The Cleaveland Guardians of the Galaxy.

Emily: Yesss-No just guardians just guardians yayyyy (Ify laughs)

Ify: Angels.

Emily: Yayyyy she’s an Angels girl.

Ify: Yup.

Joel: She knew that one.

Ify: I have to, I’m from LA.

Ify: Dolphins.

(Joel laughs) Well, you’re in the right city.

Ify: Ohh Okay (Ify laughs)

Emily: It’s uhh- it’s a fish.

Joel: With a long nose, long pointy nose.

Ify: Uhhh

Emily: It’s the name of-

Ify: The Miami Mavericks?

Emily: No no it’s the name of the dad in Nemo.

Ify: What was his name Greg? (Emily and Joel laugh)

Joel: The Miami Greg’s…

Ify: What was his name…Marvin? okay.

Emily: No, no, no you’re so close, you’re so close.

Ify: Marvin, Marvin, Mavericks? What starts with a M? Miami and Marvin Marsh mar…

Joel: You got the Mar part right.

Emily: Yeah

Ify: Okay.

Emily: Mar- what?

Ify: Mar Mars (Emily and Joel giggle) Uhh Miami… I don’t know, what’s starts with- what animal starts with a M?

Emily: It’s a- it’s a fish it’s like a type of fish.

Ify: A fish and it starts with a M. Miami Mar…Marshawn Lynch.

(Joel laughs): The Miami Marshawn Lynch’s (Ify laughs)

Emily: The Marlins

Ify: The Marlins ohh okay.

Emily: This is literally just the background color.

Ify: Horseshoes?.

Emily: No the background color.

Ify: Red- Red and white.

Emily: Plural…

Ify: Reds.

Emily: Yeahhh

Ify: Okay.

Emily: The Reds.

Ify: The Reds, what city is this?

Joel: Cincinnati.

Ify: Game of Thrones.

Emily: Noo.

Joel: What?

Emily: This is uhh, okay you know those mountains okay, it’s in Colorado. You know those mountains? They call it this something mountains.

Ify: Colorado mountains?

Emily: No.

Ify: Mount Everest? And it starts with a c and a r?

Joel: No that’s the name.

Emily: No the c is Colorado, the r is what it is.

Ify: Okay the Colorado- mountain that starts with a r…Rushmores.

Joel: The Colorado Rushmores.

Ify: I don’t know racketeers. Um I don’t own geography so I don’t know what the mountain is.

Emily: Umm I dont know how else to describe it.

Joel: I’ll give you four options.

Ify: Okay.

Joel: The Sierras, the Andes, the Rockies, the Appalachians,

Ify: Rockies.

Emily and Ify: Yayyyy (both clap)

Emily: You should know this one.

Ify: Okay, New York Giants.

Joel: Oh, geez.

Ify: Yupp.

Joel: That’s a football team.

Ify: Ohh (Ify and Emily laugh) Okay. Well, we might be here a while now.

Emily: No the confidence was so funny, she was like ‘Okay I know’ (Emily laughs)

Ify: Okay, the New York…

Joel: The team starts with a y.

Ify: Yankees?

Emily and Ify: Yayyyy (both clap).

Emily: We don’t like them but yay.

Ify: The Yankees, those Yankees.

Emily: Those Yankee Doodle Dandles, is that what it’s called? The Yankee Doodle-

Joel: Dandies

(Emily laughs) Dandies sorry.

Joel: Okay, this one has nothing to do with the theme.

Ify: Dragons.

Emily: No, it’s a…

Joel: Well they’re in Detroit.

Ify: Detroit Dragons.

Emily: No no, it’s a it’s like a cat animal. Like a big cat.

Joel: I’ll give you four hints. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, or panthers.

Ify: None of them start with d, oh my gosh.

Emily: The D is for Detroit.

Ify: Okay, Detroit. What does it look like? What is it giving? Lions, tigers, panthers or what?

Joel: Or cheetahs.

Ify: Ima go with Panthers.

Joel: The Detroit Panthers

(Emily sighs) They’re the Tigers.

Ify: Oh damn, shit.

Emily: Oh, you said this one eariler.

Ify: Assholes.

Joel: The Oakland Assholes? (Ify laughs)

Ify: I said it earlier?

Emily: Yeah, when you were so confident with the Braves? It says it right there.

Ify: The A’s?

Emily: Yeah.

Joel: Yes.

Ify: That’s it??

Emily: That’s it. They’re called the athletics but everybody calls them the A’s.

Ify: Okay, yeah, that’s a stupid name.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: This New York too ?

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: I thought they only had one team?

Emily: No, they have two.

Ify: Orange.

Joel: The New York Oranges.

Ify: The New York- is it an animal?

Emily: No, I don’t even know what it is.

Joel: It’s-

Emily: It’s just a thing. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it stands for. But I’ll give you four hints.

Ify: Okay.

Joel: The New York Mets, the New York Empires, the New York Buildings, the New York Giants.

Ify: New York buildings (Ify giggles)

Joel: No

Ify: Okay, okay. Okay. It’s not Giants.

Joel: It’s probably the one you least expect.

Ify: The new York Empire?

Joel: No.

Ify: Okay (mouth pop) Welp uh, the New York uh, New Yorkians, the New York’s of Yorkshire.

Joel: The New York Mets.

Emily: The Mets.

Ify: Game of thrones- huh? Oh the Mets, okay. I’ve heard of them.

Joel: I don’t know if you get this one. But it’s a beer city.

Ify: Ireland.

Joel: Beer city.

Ify: Oh.

Joel: In Milwaukee

Ify: Oof

Emily: Hold on hold on.

Ify: The Milwaukee Beers

Joel: Their name is reflective to beer.

Ify: The Milwaukee Brews

Emily: You’re really close,

Ify: Brewers.

Emily: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ify: I’m alcoholic

Emily: girl

Joel: Come on now

Ify: The Dodgers!

Joel: There we go.

Ify: Yeah, of course LA girl here, I have to.

Joel: We just got Ohtani too and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Teoscar Hernandez.

Ify: Emily’s actually biased

Emily: I am actually biased, I’m actually like gaging right now

Joel: I can’t wait for the season

Ify: I can’t wait for the for season either (Emily laughs)

Joel: Thank you.

Ify: they’re gonna hit the ball out of the park. Theyre gonna get home runs and-

Joel: She’s a Dodgers fan.

Emily: Oh this is not even-

Ify: To be determined (Joel and Emily laugh)

Emily: Umm this one-

Joel: They’re in Tampa Bay.

Ify: Okay, the Tampa Bay T’s

Emily: Noo

Joel: Okay I’m gonna give you four.

Ify: Okay.

Joel: Tampa Bay Rays-

Ify: Okay.

Joel: The Tampa Bay Starfish, The Tampa Bay Swordfish, and the Tampa Bay Pancakes.

Ify: Okay,the Tampa Bay- I forgot all the options except for swordfish. Swordfish, Rays, Starfish, Pancakes.

Ify: Swordfish, rays- The Rays.

Emily: Yayyyy.

Ify: Yayyy, I wish it was pancakes, it would have been funnier.

Ify: Kansas- Kansas City.

Joel: Yes

Emily: Uh huhh, and think of like-

Joel: Like what’s a king and queen?

Emily: Yeah.

Joel: What are they?

Ify: Pairs?

Joel: What are they considered?

Ify: Husband and wife.

Emily and Joel: No

Emily: like high up in ranking, they’re like-

Ify: Royals.

Joel: Yeah.

Emily: Yessss

Ify: Okay yayyy, this is fun.

Emily: This is like charades.

Ify: Yeah, this is like charades.

Emily: But with speaking.

Ify: Yeahh.

Ify: San Francisco.

Joel: No. It’s in the West, but it’s in the North Pacific Northwest. (Ify has a blank face) The state of Washington (Ify still is confused and Joel giggles) The major city in Washington.

Ify: Seattle?

Emily and Joel: Yeah.

Ify: Okay, Compasses.

Joel: I knew she was gonna say compasses. (Ify laughs)

Emily: I don’t even know how to explain their name.

Joel: This one’s not easy, it has to do with water and sailors.

Emily: It’s like fishing isn’t it?

Ify: Sailboats.

Emily: It starts with a M.

Joel: I don’t think you’re gonna get it but it’s the Mariners.

Ify: The-the murneers?

Joel and Emily: Mariners.

Ify: Mariners? The Mariners, the Seattle Mariners because they marinate their wins, they sit on it. (Joel and Emily laugh)

Joel: Yeah, the Seattle Compasses.

Ify: Okay.

Emily: Well it is kinda a compass.

Ify: Right exactly.

Joel: But I knew she was gonna guess the compasses.

Ify: Pittsburg.

Emily: No, no, no, think of-

Joel: It’s in Pennsylvania though.

Ify: Okay, Pennsylvania-

Joel: No it’s the next-

Emily: No, something what steaks. What cheese steaks?

Ify: Umm Philly cheese steaks.

Emily: Okay, well not the cheese steaks but-

Ify: Okay.

Joel: They in Philly.

Ify: The Philadelphia Steaks?

Joel: It’s quite literally the Philadelphia phil-

ify: Fishes.

Joel: No, the Phil-

Emily: It’s like so simple.

Joel: It’s literally like the city’s name.

Joel: The Philadelphia Phillies.

Emily: Yeahh.

Ify: Oh okayy.

(Emily sighs) Ify: Oh my gosh.

Emily: Okay.

Ify: Louisiana.

Joel and Emily: No.

Joel: This one’s in Missouri.

Emily: It’s also a bird.

Ify: What the fuck type of-

Emily: Yeah, okay, that stands for- that logo stands for the city name.

Ify: Soo in where? In Missouri?

Emily: STL.

Joel: I can show you the bird, lemme show you the bird.

Emily: Show her the bird.

Ify: Hawks.

Emily: No, it’s like a, it’s like a small little bird it’s like-

Ify: Pigeons.

(Emily laughs) ha ha ha, no. It starts with a C.

Ify: Cavaliers.

Emily: Is that a bird?

Ify: I don’t know, I don’t think so.

Emily: No, I don’t think it’s a thing like I don’t think it’s a real- I don’t know.

Ify: Starts with a C, the Missouri-

(Emily talking to Joel) Just cover the bottom portion.

Ify: Candles, the Missouri Candlelight Dinners.

Ify: Canaries

Emily: Not bad of a guess.

Ify: Carnival

Emily: You’re close, you’re really close.

Ify: carni- car-carnivore? Canary. Cardinals.

Joel: There you go.

Emily: Yayy

Ify: Oh okay, yayyy.

Ify: San Diego

Emily: Yeah.

(Joel sighs) Ohh see this is there old logo, they’re piss and poop now.

Ify: Okay, San Diego Piss and Poops. (Emily and Joel laugh)

Joel: Not a bad one.

Emily: They’re umm-

Ify: Are they like-

Joel: They have something to do with like religion.

Ify: San Diego Catholic Church? I don’t-

Emily: Father in Spanish.

Ify: Padres.

Emily: Yayyy she got one.

Ify: She’s bilingual.

(Emily sighs) Okay

Joel: Okay, so I feel like you know where it’s at.

Emily: Look at the-

Ify: Canada?

Emily: Yess, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Ify: Ohh okay, okay, okay. Mockingbirds?

Joel: Not bad.

Ify: Malachis.

Joel: No, it’s a blue bird.

Emily: Like blue something.

Ify: Blue pigeons, what bird starts with a- Bluebirds. What other- there’s another bird that’s starts with blue?

Emily: Yeahh.

Ify: Blue…Okay, then what’s the other word start with?

Emily: If we say it that’s the entire-

Ify: No just the first letter-

Emily: No if we say the letter that’s the entire word. It’s what his name starts with. (Emily points to Joel)

Ify: Blue Jays.

Emily: Yayyy

Ify: Ohh okayyy (Ify laughs)

Joel: This team in Minnesota.

Ify: Toklahoma- oh. (Joel laughs)

Ify: Minnesota?

Emily: Mhmm.

Ify: Topeka, Topeaks.

Emily: It’s not triplets but- (Ify is confused) they’re not triplets but they’re- there’s only two of them.

Ify: Twins.

Emily: Yayyy.

Ify: Ohh okay, okay. So what, it was the Missouri Twins?

Joel: Minnesota Twins.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: Ohh Minnesota Twins, okay, okay.

Emily: Okay.

Joel: This is the Lone Star State.

Ify: Lone Star State. Hawaii.

(Joel giggles) No.

Emily: It’s like-

Joel: It’s the biggest, the second biggest state.

Ify: Texas.

Emily: Yeah.

Joel: There you go.

Emily: Okay, I don’t know how to explain what- oh, wait. I don’t know how to explain their-

Ify: Their mascot or-

Emily: No their mascot’s like-

Ify: Is it an animal.

Emily: It’s like a horse right?

Joel: No, their mascot is like a cowboy type.

Emily: They’re okay- Buzz Lightyear is a space what?

Ify: Cadet.

Joel: Oh my goodness.

Emily: No, no, you know what I’m tryna say like, he’s like, something space and then-

Ify: Ranger.

Emily: Yeahh, yeah, yeah.

Ify: Okay okay, so it’s the Topeka Rangers.

Joel: No.

Emily: Texas.

Ify: The Texas Rangers.

Emily: Yes.

Ify: Ohh okay nice.

Emily: Oh-

Ify: Washington.

Joel: Yes.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: W’s?

Joel: No.

Ify: Okay.

Emily: It’s like-

Joel: Okay, I’ll give you four hints. Washington Nationals.

Ify: Okay.

Joel: The Washington Capitals, the Washington Senators or the Washington Reps.

Ify: Nationals.

Joel: Yes.

Emily: Yayyy, she’s getting better guys.

Ify: I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.

Emily: Okay, you said this one-

Ify: Pittsburg.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: Steelers.

Joel: No.

Emily: That’s football.

Ify: Oh.

Emily: This is like-

Joel: They swashbucklers (Joel laughs)

Emily: Ahoy matey- ahoy matey.

Ify: Pirates.

Emily: Yeahhh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ify: Ohh okay, okay, okay.

(Joel giggling) Her face when I said swashbucklers.

Ify: I was like what the heck is that? (Ify and Emily laugh)

Ify: Okay, San Francisco.

Emily: Yeah.

Joel: You called this team-

Emily: New York.

Joel: Yeah.

Ify: I called it New York?

Joel: You called the Yankees this?

Ify: The Pankees.

Emily: Noo.

Joel: when you first saw the Yankees logo what did you call them?

Ify: How’s the Yankees logo look like again?

Emily and Joel: It’s the N and the Y.

Emily: And you were like ‘The New York’- And you were like so confident.

Ify: Giants.

Emily: Yeah.

Ify: San Francisco Giants.

Emily: Yeah.

Joel: That’s all of them.

Ify: Ohh yayyy.

Emily: That’s all of them? Guys we made it through, she did pretty good.

Ify: I would like to thank my team that helped me along the way.

Joel: The Miami Gregs-

Ify: The Miami Greg’s, the Texas Topeka’s and the Washington Senators. Love to all of you.

Joel: Okay well that concludes episode two of trash talk so we’ll try and make an episode three soon.

Emily: Hope you guys like it. We’ll be talking more about baseball soon because it’s coming up and see you in the next episode.

Ify: Byee.

Emily: Bye guys.

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