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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Estrogen Express: Debut


[Rebecca] Hi everybody, welcome to our first podcast

[Everyone in sync] Estrogen Express!!

{Soundboard} “Yes”

[Marilyn] In this show we’ll be covering topics that you’re uncomfortable discussing with your parents or friends. We’re here to cover it all.

[Marilyn] My name is Marilyn.

[Cindy] I’m Cindy.

[Tiara] I’m Tiara.

[Rebecca] I’m Rebecca.

[Guara] And I’m Guara.

[Rebecca]  And we have our guest speaker Jah-Tosh and he is a freelancer for our newspaper Talon Marks.

{Everyone clapping and cheering}

[Rebecca] Welcome Jah-Tosh!

[Marilyn] We’re gonna be talking about breaking points in relationships and one thing that came to our minds is disrespect towards self, belief or family. I know that this is one breaking point for me. I come from an Hispanic culture and I feel like if my partner is disrespecting the culture that I was raised in or just my beliefs like my religious beliefs or anything in general, I take that as like so disrespectful and I wouldn’t want that around like that negative energy.

[Rebecca agreeing] Yeah.

[Marilyn] How do you expect to be with me if that is a part of me.

[Rebecca] Well, what if you get into a relationship and they’re on and they’re all like with you and then later on in the relationship like two years down the road, they start disrespecting your beliefs. What do you do in that situation? Do you can just break it off? That’s it. Or do you want to talk with them?

[Guara] Sit and talk about it!

[Tiara] Yeah, you definitely would have to sit down and talk about it and like express to them.

[Cindy] I feel like the more you push it away like don’t talk about stuff like the future like harmful it is later down the line.

[Tiara] Yeah.

[Cindy] Even at the  moment

[Guara]  It’s just going to get worse, the relationship.

[Marilyn] True, True.

[Marilyn] What do you think Jah-Tosh?

[Jah-Tosh]  If you love someone you respect their, their family respect their beliefs and you’ll take your time and actually get to understand.

[Tiara] I don’t understand like ridiculing someone for believing in something like, there’s nothing wrong with believing in something.

[Guara] Just saying that this should have been resolved before the relationship even started. I mean, that’s the whole point of communication.

[Tiara] Or what if they didn’t tell you that they didn’t agree with it like later on.

[Rebecca] Because as you go down the road you guys find out things about each other like, Oh, I didn’t know she was into this or I didn’t know that he was into that. So in a way, we kind of wouldn’t work that way. They just basically asking personal question because obviously I wouldn’t go up to you and be like, So what are your belief? What are your values? and all that. Right.

[Cindy] It’s like when they talk about like the future like do you want kids if people don’t get don’t want to get married and like all my parents did this, like, I believe in this, and they start thinking like, oh, probably, I’m not going to be with them

[Marilyn] I feel like, I just want to share this because I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but there when we talked about disrespect towards beliefs for me when I find out that someone I’m into or just like my current partner is not really big on religion, I take it as he’s not disrespecting it but it’s to me hurtful because I would want him to be religious, like I want to continue that

[Rebecca] Would you kind of bypass that?

[Tiara] I feel like it depends, because I’ve been in a situation where the person that I was talking to. They didn’t believe in God and or whatever. I believe in and they would kind of make jokes about it and it wasn’t really funny, but I feel like if they weren’t you know disrespectful about it, then I will kind of pass it like if you don’t believe in anything and that’s fine. I’m not gonna disrespect your opinions but if you just disrespect like what I believe in, then that’s when it’s kind of like a shock

(All laugh)

[Marilyn] That’s the problem with me because sometimes I feel like I disrespect him in a way, making him feel bad that he doesn’t believe in anything

[Rebecca] Yeah.

[Marilyn] But I don’t mean to do that and I feel like I need to control that. There’s something wrong with me guys. I shouldn’t be on this show!

(All Laugh)

[Rebecca] So, so you’re saying that if this person didn’t have a religion for or believe in a religion in specific reasons and they tell you that would you still bypass that and kind of like make him understand like look religion, is not all that or where you can just let it go?

[Jah-Tosh] You can’t force it, you just have to let them do them in a way like if they believe in something, or they don’t believe in it, especially like when it comes to religion. You can’t force that upon them if they do it naturally then hey that’s that’s amazing.

[Marilyn] A win.

[Jah-Tosh] Yeah, that’s a win, but if not, you know, you shouldn’t force it upon them. I think if they’re your partner and they’re down for you and they love you, they should respect that and not ever make jokes and make you feel uncomfortable about whatever you believe in.

[Cindy]  You have to communicate that to them like making sure that they know

[Tiara] That is bothers you.

[Rebecca] But what if they keep doing and you’re just like “ohhh myyy god.”

[Cindy] Then you shouldn’t stay in that relationship.

[Tiara] If you tell them that it bothers you, and they’re just like okay yeah I’m still like make these jokes and it’s like, All right, we’re done here.

(All laugh)

[Jah-Tosh] I mean if you really love them you’re going to work with them.

[Cindy] If you communicate to them like oh I don’t like how you make this joke every time I’m like, I already talked to you about it, like, what, what else can you do?

[Jah-Tosh] well it goes both ways like either way either side should work with the other. If you really love that person and you really see a future care about the person.

[Tiara] It don’t always work like that.

[Marilyn] Guys, don’t be scared guys and girls. Do not be scared to share, like your what you don’t like and what you do, like when you’re first meeting a person.

[Rebecca] Be honest.

[Everyone] Yeah!

[Marilyn] When you bring it up later on, I just feel like it’ll be ruined

[Rebecca] Because it’ll give them an idea as to, like, Okay, this person is really serious about this and down the road, then they’ll probably haven’t habit of breaking that boundary, but hopefully eventually though

[Marilyn] So next we have dependent instead of independent I think when you’re dependent. It’s like they’re always going to depend on you for everything you’re not looking for caretaker in a  relationship you’re looking for a partner.

[Rebecca] Because they’ll get used to that.

[Guara] Like how you’re saying, oh, they’re like a mama’s boy. I mean, it’s fine. But there’s like a certain  limit like yeah you’re living with your mom but you’re still trying to do your own thing. It’s all cool.

[Jah-Tosh] I’ve been there.

[ All the girls] Oooooo tell us, spill us the tea!

[Jah-Tosh] So I would say dependent woman is not attractive. Not at all. You have to have your own independence. You have to do things for yourself. I have a drive them mentality and I feel like there’s kind of there’s different levels of dependency. So when I say like that I’ve been in that situation before I won’t say it was dependent like they didn’t work or go after certain things. I mean like dependent on their, their significant other, and so dependent on me you know

[Tiara] To do things for them?

[Marilyn] That’s a lot for one person.

[Jah-Tosh] Yeah, in a way. Yeah, it’s dependent on me. I’ll say like being there.I was there at all times. I’ll say that.

[Marilyn] I mean but one thing is like, how would you say to a person who is not  independent who’s always been like taking like taking care of by their mom or their dad…

[Rebecca] I think  it’s best to teach them instead of like getting mad at them…

[Marilyn] But they’re so used to that lifestyle like since you know

[Guara]  You just have to straight up till you’re saying.

[Rebecca] Well not straight up tell them.

[Guara] Well not, but  you know but like maybe like how you said, teach them.

[Rebecca] Yeah.

[Gura] Little by little it takes time. I mean, if they’re willing to learn to be independent.

[Cindy and Guara] And be with you.

[Rebecca] I mean, that’s an even plus because they’re willing to grow.

[Tiara] Yeah, I feel like also like with the whole independence thing you have to realize you can’t be so dependent on that your significant other, to make you happy like your happiness has to also come within yourself obviously like the person you’re with is going to make you happy. But when anything that they do can automatically make your mood change that’s not good because if you guys have a breakup, then you will fall into the pit of just misery and like hating each other. Yeah, I feel like it’s just really important to be dependent with your happiness and making sure that no matter what that if you guys do end up separating your ways, a little bit of you’ll be okay. Your world’s not going to end. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of couples were anything that they do. It’s just, it’s not okay and like uhhh I don’t know how to explain it but you get it.

[Jah-Tosh] I think that’s very important to have that type of independence as well, like if you’re in a relationship. I feel like you’re individuals who come together so you’re not just like just joined even if you’re married. You’re not just joined like you can do it, you should be able to do things on your own, you should be able to go to. Hey, go to a concert feel comfortable to do things to have fun on your own or go out to eat on your go to a family event and not have to have your significant other be there. And yeah, put pressure on them.

[Marilyn] I think a lot of people confuse independence with loneliness.

[Tiara] Yes.

[Marilyn] Because a little fun fact

(Rebecca laughing)

[Marilyn] I don’t mind doing things by myself like I’ve been to contents by myself. I go to Disneyland by myself all the time, and when I tell people, they’re always like ‘What you do that?”, I’m like yeah I mean single riders line like I don’t have to wait like 70 minutes I wait five minutes and like I don’t mind going alone No one’s judging you. I think a lot of people tell me, like, “Oh, well, don’t you feel lonely?” no because loneliness is a whole different feeling. I’m not lonely. I’m happy just because I don’t have someone with me at the moment, does not mean I’m lonely. I’m just I can do things with by myself and be happy. Yes, I think it’s sad that a lot of people don’t have that like confidence that strength to just do the end like I can understand why I’m not putting those people down but  it’s really hard to know the…I don’t know how to put into words but it’s just don’t mix up loneliness with independence, because they’re totally different feelings and totally different things, you know, so I have to say about that.

[Rebecca] This is my question for Tosh, Jah-Tosh right?

[Jah-Tosh} Yeah.

[Rebecca]  OK, cool. I don’t want to miss pronounce it again. Now when you say a woman being independent. Do you mean like cooking, cleaning? You know of course, that’s a huge factor for men, right, because you don’t want to girl just cooking you hot pockets every night. “Here, babe I love you!” and some chips.

(All laugh)

[Rebecca] Like do you think she has like some sort of those needs?

[Jah-Tosh] For me. I think it should work both ways. I think that the way that we’re going as a society is to where women do things that men do men do things that women do that kind of the kind of a role reversal.

[Rebecca] Okay, I’m with that.

[Jah-Tosh] So I think like a man should be able to cook. I like cooking you know, I help my mom cook out like I don’t have any problem like I’ve made things for my girlfriend. It’s no problem, but I think at the same time she should be able to do those things as well yeah should be collective.

[Marilyn] So if your girlfriend didn’t know how to cook. Would that be a problem for you?

[Jah-Tosh] No it wouldn’t be a problem or deal breaker. It would just be like if she’s willing to learn

[Marilyn] Men, learn from that because there’s a lot of women I know a lot of women who are insecure because they don’t know how to cook it’s not bad.

[Rebecca] If you’re willing to learn, then girl let’s get it.

[Jah-Tosh] But if you’re not, then that’s kind of it’s not…

[Tiara] It’s  just like how are we gonna eat?!

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(All laughs)

[Rebecca] It’s like no I’ll get some take out every night. every night like what?!

[Tiara] You’re gonna get some McDonalds.

[Rebecca] Ewww, I’m okay.

[Jah-Tosh] I’m still waiting on a meal from my ex, you know.

[All the girls] Ohhhhhhh.

[Rebecca] Where she at though?

[Marilyn] But do you guys think that an independent person could turn dependent?

(everyone agrees)

[Cindy] Yes, because they get so dependent like if you’re in a relationship. You get so dependent on the other person like oh, what do you want to do, or like oh I really miss but can you do it for me like they don’t get my babied by the other person.

[Guara] They get used to it, months, it’s like it’s like….

[Marilyn] It’s like  a routine that you get.

[Tiara] You get too comfortable.

[Rebecca] That’s why you got to balance it out.

[Guara] They expect everything to happen for them

[Marilyn]  And that’s why after when it comes or when it comes to decision where you’re like not feeling that person anymore. You want to break up. I think that’s one reason why people are scared because they’re gonna  think to themselves well what’s going to happen like how am I gonna like if I have good news. Who am I going to talk to, if I want to g here. Who am I going to go with? Like you have friends.

[Cindy] There has to be a balance like you’re like, oh, but the girls like tonight or like we’re gonna watch a movie we’ll be back and like the next thing is like oh yeah I’m gonna watch like the game or something at their house like Okay, cool. Just tell me when you’re gonna be back for, like, tell me how it goes, or something like you have to keep talking to them and that there were like, Oh, then like I am I being left out or something?

[Jah-Tosh] You gotta have trust for them as well. If your significant other has trust issues they’re going to want to be with you all the time and that’s with dependent and independent.

[Marilyn] The whole independence thing again like you don’t need to be with your boyfriend all the time. You can go out.

[Rebecca] Exactly, yes.

[Marilyn]  I would say our final reasoning for this? Oh you have one more thing to say!

[Jah-Tosh] I have a question for you, ladies. Do you feel like that reason, like someone being dependent could be the reason why they would jump to another relationship really quick because I see that with friends.

[Rebecca] Yeah because like Marilyn said to they confuse it with like loneliness right?

[Marilyn] They don’t know how to… this sounds really bad, but they don’t know how to be alone. And I don’t mean to say like, oh, being lonely, but they don’t know how to cope with it. me do things by themselves.

[All girls] Yeah be able to enjoy themselves

[Marilyn] Yes the confidence to go out somewhere fun by themselves and enjoy it.

[Jah-Tosh] Wow that’s honestly right there.

[Marilyn]  It’s true and inside it’s really hard to gain confidence, it is I think confidence is something that attracts someone better because that’s the first thing they see like you can literally not dress up  let but your personality and your confidence. That’s what attracts people.

[Rebecca] What  about overconfident people?

[Cindy] Ugh

[Marilyn] The most important relationship you have is with yourself. You can not love anyone else until you love yourself.

[Rebecca] Next topic is lying.

(sings the word “lying”)

[Tiara] The biggest deal breaker for me. I feel like even if it’s something small like I feel like if you lie about something small and that’s how I know you will lie about something big. But even if it’s just like, Oh no, I just went I went to the store just now, but really like you were at your boys house like what is the point of lying about that, like, what do you have to hide. So I feel like if it’s something that small that…. I  don’t know.

[Marilyn] It’s like mini red flags people, that people forget to like look at. When someone lines over something that’s like not worth lying about it just, it makes a girl feeling insecure too because it makes her think, “Why can you tell me the truth?”. Like what’s going on?

[Marilyn] So it messes with your head.

[Jah-Tosh] When somebody lies like that there’s a name for that it’s called a habitual.

(All laugh)

[Marilyn] Have you ever been lied to?

[Jah-Tosh] Yeah, and the worst part about it is not knowing if you were lied that to me it hurts you know like I feel like this recent situation with my ex she felt like she lied to me about everything just told me she’s moving like out the state, all this stuff, she switch jobs right.

[Tiara] And all that was a lie?

[Jah-Tosh] Yup, so I think it’s a lie. I think it’s a lie so it makes me wonder like in the relationship like was everything everything a lie. Did you really do what you said that you do.

[Marilyn] I think the if they lie, just to see your reaction. That’s kind of like…

[Tiara]  That’s kinda of…

[Rebecca] Psychotic

(everyone agreeing)

[Marilyn] I’m sorry people here offended by that but don’t do not to someone. I mean, if you want to see the reaction play like hypothetical questions with them don’t lie.

[Rebecca] In all seriousness, like it’s me here. I mean, don’t lie to Athena for fun for anyone knows this.

[Marilyn] Anyone else?

[Guada] Sometimes it feels like like I’ve had I have experienced in a past relationship where it felt like he made. I don’t want to go into detail but this whole situation happened and he ended up lying about it. And so after that I just expected him to lie about everything  so I was like, are you sure. Are you positive. Where are you going?

[Tiara] That’s the thing once you lie once it just messes up the trust. From there on sooo.

[Rebecca] It’s like not heartbreaking but soul breaking you’re like, why would you like to me like I can get over the times where I’ve been lied to and it’s just like in a way it can’t get over it, but you know you have to get over it move on. It’s just like why would you lie to me for that like I don’t understand it, how people in compulsive liars to lie about anything.

[Marilyn]  I wouldn’t say that I’m like crazy with like the trust issues like I have trust in my boyfriend but I just like… to make sure does that make sense?

(Group response) yes.

[Marilyn] I’m not crazy. I promise I’m just making sure.

(everyone laughing)

[Marilyn] Yeah.

[Rebecca] Wow.

[Jah-Tosh] Lying sucks I mean why lie. I mean, at the end of the day, the truth is always going to come out.

[Tiara] Yup! It sure will.

[Jah-Tosh] Especially your relationship and like you have mutual friends or there’s friends who know some things.

[Tiara] And it really it really sucks finding out for somebody else like finding out the truth from somebody else and not the person that you’re supposed to give like you’re all it’s just crazy.

[Jah-Tosh] Especially when they say like, yeah, the best friend and things like that.

[Marilyn] Yeah, especially what cheating. I think that someone can hear sound selfish. They’re, they’re selfish people to hurt that person because they think, well, how am I hurting. Well, because I don’t understand why you don’t, you’re not attracted that person anymore. You don’t love them. Why are you still with them.? If you want, if you’re being…

[Rebecca]  Having a better time with somebody.

[Marilyn] Yeah if you’re attracted to someone else having a better time with them enjoy their company more than your partner. Why are you lying and then they have this thing where they don’t want to let that other person go because it’s like a rush for them. It’s like I think they’re selfish to do that because it’s like hurting them.

[Rebecca] Is it because of  like sex or…

[Marilyn Yeah!

[Guara]  Most of the time it is I’m going to tell you why. I don’t want to say his name, his current relationship they have kids but she knows he be going out to the strip club especially his workers at his shop. So I mean she knows but she still wants to stay there and it just annoys me because at the same time I know he’s doing wrong and you know he’s doing wrong, so why stay there?

[Marilyn] Because your his sister and your family do you stay on his side and defend him?

[Tiara and Guara] Mmmm No.

[Marilyn] Because I know some family members will be like well thats my brother or thats my sister even though they did something wrong that’s my brother or sister. What do you think of that?

[Tiara] Well I’m actually in that situation right now with one of my family members. He cheated on his wife and we are incredibly close to her. None of us took his side all of us are all on his back saying, “Why would you do this?” You have two kids, you had everything figured out, you’ve been with this person for ten years and you left her for a twenty-three year old.

[Guara] You guys already had kids too.

[Tiara] Yeah! It’s just crazy and we all are on her side because she’s not the one who fucked up. We all tell him straight up as it is. I feel like that’s the biggest part about family you have to tell them the truth. Of their wrong doings and you can’t just sugar coat it because you’re related.

[Marilyn] Jah-Tosh question for you. What do you like how do you feel, because I know and social on social media. A lot of times, men are perceived as the liars and cheaters like they don’t really talk about women when they cheat. It’s mainly men.

[Jah-Tosh] I feel like that’s very false. It is, like women can do the same things and I feel like nowadays in 2018 women are doing some of the things that men used to do men are kind of doing the things that women used to do what I mean by that is, like, I  know, no situations where like the girl is like doing her own thing and then the guy he’s kind of the loving one, the one who wants to still try to make things work in.

[Tiara] Really?!

(All Laugh)

[Marilyn] I know you’re a nice guy Jah-Tosh.

[Jah-Tosh] Thank you.

[Marilyn] Any ladies hearing this?

(All laugh)

[Rebecca] For real.

[Guara] Like it’s like depends on the person like you’re so close to. Also, I mean like how you said like, I don’t know, it’s just like it’s entirely up to you, like it’s hard to explain.

[Marilyn] Is that like a confidence booster to them? Like  oh, this person is taken and they’re still chasing after me.

[Jah-Tosh] I think it is for some people, they get a thrill off of like taking what what is somebody else’s. That’s why some people just steal and the same thing with relationships they there’s people who don’t even care about the person, but they’ll act like they do for a little bit just to kind of get one over, even if they don’t know you. It’s just the thought of, like, Hey, I did this kind of like a trophy like I took this away from somebody.

[Marilyn] But then it makes no sense when they get cheated  and they’re like oh my god he did that to me it’s like, well, honey. Oh, girl.

[Rebecca] What about the women or men who play the victim like boy you did this because you don’t pleasure me enough. What do you guys think about that?

[Guara] Pleasure my ass.

[Marilyn] Well leave me then.

[Rebecca] Tell me if I’m not giving you enough of something like don’t go and find out what you want.

[Marilyn] Just don’t be with me because lying to me and making me feel like I’m not good enough is a way worse.

[Rebecca] Where he makes you a position person. Yes, because you’re you’re not the one who’s communicating right you’re making yourself play the victim like

[Cindy] Like it’s hard for the person like because being lied to. Internal like struggle like like mentally hurts them like you can’t recover from that like that’s going to stay with you forever.

[Rebecca] Mm hmm.

[Cindy] Even if we have another relationship where like if your parents get towards that’s still going to be with you.

[Rebecca] Yeah. Hey guys, I’m gonna get really personally. This is like my first love. So you guys are gonna think I’m weird too so like I was dating this guy. My first high school boyfriend and I was a freshman and I used to do color guard and one time he and his other friends gave me a ride back to my house because the next day I had a competition and so I told the girls who are taking care of them because he was kind of drunk going away and all the please take  care of him. Please make sure he gets back home. That same night I had a dream that he kissed one of the girls.

[Marilyn] Did it come true? I’m sorry.

(everyone) Spoiler alert!

[Rebecca] So the next morning it came true. So what’s the worst part is, I didn’t find this out till six months later, after we broke and I was like, so you basically lied to me on the phone so like all that I’m tripping or whatever, saying that nothing happened when the reality. My dream was right.

[Marilyn] So are you psychic? (laughs)

[Rebecca]  I don’t know!

[Tiara] Thats happened to me a lot of times like I’ve had dreams of like someone cheating on me or like something yeah ends up happening.

[Rebecca] So, yeah. That same night when where they dropped me off at my house. I had a dream that he kissed a girl and I knew her name I was like you kissed Arlene huh?

[Marilyn] Oh my god!

[Rebecca] And that same morning and then they were they both they both freaked out and that’s why they didn’t say anything to me. So the actually hooked up that night and I didn’t find out six months after we broke up. And I was like, Damn, I’m Raven.

[Tiara] Yep, that’s me.

[Rebecca] So I so from that I kind of broke my barrier for trusting because they lied to me and it was one of the girls that I knew, too. And I’ll see you guys both lied to me. So the fact that you guys kind of got off on that like makes me not want to get in a relationship for a while. That’s why in the relationship I’m in right now I’m still kind of getting used to it but you know I he tends to work when I work with him so that’s that’s the good thing which was really good.

[Mari lyn]I know we’re covering like such big lies, but I also want to cover the little lies that are also like annoying like once, this is gonna sound so corny my current boyfriend. We had planned to see Incredibles two together and I had told him, don’t watch it with anyone like we’re gonna watch it together

(Rebecca laughs)

[Marilyn] One night he went out with his friends and he was like oh we’re  going to the movies. We’re going to watch. Umm, oh Slender Man. It was like some dumb movie at the time like Slender Man and I told them. Okay. And then the next day. My mom had wanted to see the movie like out of just random and I was like okay well because she’s already like buying the tickets, you know, and he couldn’t go I told him. Oh, I’m going to watch it and I was letting him know and telling him. I’m sorry, like I have to watch it. My mom wants to see it and he had told me it’s fine because I didn’t end up watching that movie the Slender Man, I actually walked incredibles two with the guys and I was like….

[Tiara] Uhhh

[Rebecca] You lied!!

[Marilyn] I don’t know why that like I got so mad. I don’t know why I think its  because…

[Rebecca] Because he lied!!!

[Marilyn] My little sister. She’s not little she’s 13 but younger than me. She even told me she was like, why are you getting so mad like you’re seeing it without him like but it’s different though…

[Rebecca] You communicated with him.

[Jah-Tosh] You were honest.

[Marilyn] Yeah, have you guys ever been told, like little dumb lies?

[Rebecca] Yes it bothers me because it’s just like why didn’t you tell me the truth

[Marilyn] He was like music I was scared for your reaction.

[Tiara]  But now you have an even worse reaction

[Marilyn] I would have preferred if he said look, they all want to see this movie. There’s no way of getting out about I would’ve been like, okay.

[Rebecca] Whatever

[Rebecca mockingly] Thanks guys…

[Tiara] Yeah, you would have been a little salty for a little bit.

[Marilyn]  I was like oh so group of guys want to go watch little family movie.

(Everyone laughing)

[Jah-Tosh] Hey, we like Incredibles too.

(everyone laughs)

[Marilyn] I didn’t mean to say that I don’t know, just little things like that.

[Rebecca] What’s the next step or topic?

[Marilyn] So lying is bad. Don’t do it.

[Tiara] It messes up someone’s trust with you it psychologically messes with your head just souls finding.

[Guara]  Even though it might be a little lie a little like a big way.

[Tiara] Yes and they always find out. Oh, yeah.

[Cindy] Yes, the truth always comes out.

[Rebecca] Yes, especially the dreams.

(everyone laughing)

[Jah-Tosh] Those are real.

[Rebecca] So the next topic that we are going to cover is equality and that’s basically saying like you guys have to be at the same level not be plateauing and always pushing one another to strive for the best. So one person can’t hold you back the other person can pull you down. So what do you guys think?

[Jah-Tosh] It’s important like in a relationship. You need to be able to do that because I mean, life happens. So there’s gonna be things that happen maybe with the woman or the man you know like people get laid off you know different, different life situations. It could be like an illness, you need to be there, like for that person through that time because like you know a lot of people can be there for the good times, but it takes a select few to be there for the bad times into still stick by a person even through those times you know

[Marilyn] That’s true love. If you really like you’re not being like you’re not holding someone back just because I think…okay what I’m trying to say is I think you’re not jealous of their success. You’re happy for them because you love them and you want to see them grow, that’s my thing. I think if you’re not happy and you get mad…

[Tiara] I’m trying to think what can I be jealous of?

[Marilyn] Like he has better shoes than me or?

[Tiara] I mean if they’re more successful than maybe they can help build me up and like help me network or something I don’t know I would look at it in a positive light not like wow they’re doing better than me then like I really like me to set myself up. Actually, I think that’s still might be good because it motivates you.

[Rebecca] Yeah.

[Tiara] To do better, I would never be jealous over someone success over mine, especially with someone I love.

[Marilyn] Lastly, just to wrap it up. We should be equal and be proud of our partners success and don’t put one another down and not be jealous because if you love them you’re there for them and to support them through everything.

[Rebecca]  So that does it for our very first podcast of Estrogen Express.

(soundboard noise) “Yes!”

[Rebecca] I’m Rebecca again.

[Tiara]  I’m Tiara

[Cindy] I’m Cindy.

[Marilyn] I’m Marilyn.

[Guara]  I’m Guara.

[Rebecca] Thank you again for a special guest Jah-Tosh

(everyone applauding)

[Rebecca] You guys want to check out his sports column it is entitled..

[Tiara] “Shmackem”

(smacks hand)

[Rebecca] Check them out, bro. Thank you.

[Jah-Tosh] Thank you  for having me. I appreciate being a part of this podcast

[Tiara] And make sure you tune in next Wednesday for our next episode.

(end of episode)


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