Snyder unknowingly denies DC characters justice

Kristopher Carrasco

Over Easter weekend, movie theaters were flooded with superhero fever as “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” finally hit the box office.

Although making $170 million opening weekend, the movie itself had little to offer other than fancy super hero effect.

No amount of theater applause will make this movie any less mediocre.

The film was supposed to be an introduction to a very anticipated Justice League theme movie, but instead it just makes Batman look worthless.

Let’s also not forget how long the movie is, a whopping 2:33:00.

The problem with the movie is that viewers are introduced to so many concepts in such a limited amount of time.

This means that the DC characters don’t really get a chance to show the type of people they are without straying away from the main plot (getting Batman and Superman to work together and stop the sudden convenient threat).

Without any spoilers, it’s easy to say that what could have been a jaw dropping super hero battle royale, actually turned into two hours of character introductions, relationship development, irrational nightmares, followed by fancy hero effects.

I’ll give credit to the cool Batman training montage.

This doesn’t mean that this movie isn’t worth watching.

For instance, Jesse Eisenberg’s gave a perfect performance as Lex Jr.

Also, try not to fall asleep during the introduction.

One of the problems with the movie and the allotted time is having to break down so much of the story line that too much of the main turning points are convenient.

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet under very specific circumstances and to top it off, their problems could’ve be settled with a simple talk.

For the sake of fanatics, the movie makes Batman look like an irrational jerk and Superman look like a crybaby.

Wonder Woman, with her lasso of truth, was the saving grace of the characters, but was again randomly introduced with pretty much no back story.

If anything, this is just an introduction to Wonder Woman.