Fall 2016 starts with no Subway and four microwaves.


Perla Lara

The space in the Cerritos College student center where Taco Bell used to be is now under construction. Stutents can hear the sound of construction takin place. Photo credit: Perla Lara

Perla Lara

Returning students who expected to enjoy eating Subway on campus this 2016 Fall semester will only see a coming soon sign and hear the construction noise behind walls.

However, there are four microwaves ready for use.

Subway was set to replace Taco Bell after its contract expired over summer.

According to Student Activities Coordinator Amna Jara, having Subway replace Taco Bell is not a simple task.

Subway is a corporate business and that means all of the kitchen equipment has to come from their corporate office.

While construction is taking place students have the option of buying food from Burdog, The Bowl or using the microwaves installed in the Student Center.

The four microwaves in the student center are all 1000 watt and can be used free of charge. However users are expected to follow a couple of do’s and don’ts.

The microwave rules are:

  • Cover your food when it is being cooked
  • Clean up any spills you make
  • Don’t leave food unattended
  • Do not interrupt the cooking of other peoples.

The other option, the Cerritos College Culinary Arts Café, inside the Student Center, will remain closed until Tuesday, Aug.30.

First semester student Alejandra Rodriguez said, “[The school] has a nice selection of food, I haven’t tried it. I’m looking forward to the Subway I would pick it over the other food.”

Fellow first semester student Eddie Candelas agreed saying, “I would pick it over the other food.”

Candelas toured the campus with his high school auto mechanic teacher and class and saw the Student Center before construction on the Subway spot began and now he is looking forward to the opening.

For second semester student Taima L. Carper the addition of the Subway, “seems refreshing.”

She mentioned that the addition of the microwaves is not something she would be using.

However, Art major Simone Issac said, “I’ll probably use the microwave, I bring my own food from home it’s less expensive than eating here.”

Business major Yuliana Estrada also makes her own food at home to save money being on a student budget.

“The microwaves are a life saver, we [students] use to have to go to the Elbow room to [use the microwave] but now we can do it here, it’s much closer,” she said.

She added, “I know everyone is excited about Subway, they want something they can get quick and eat quickly.”