ITT Tech closures mark the end of an institute

Alvaro Bayona

Just like Rome, another powerful civilization has fallen. Of course, it wasn’t a real civilization, but a metaphor to describe this sudden surprise.

ITT Technical Institute, the place that once called the attention of many students and staff has plundered down deep below the void.

It once held its ground with a firm belief of higher education.

According to the Chicago Tribune its shutdown leaves at least 40,000 students in 38 states to drop out and 8,000 employees without a job.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 6, ITT Tech has shut down all of their campuses.

In addition, students who took out lots of loans for their tuition, now have to deal with debt from the government.

According to CNN Money, the reason why ITT Tech shut down was because the government decided to take down federal financial aid for all the new students.

This affected the students since they relie on the government financial aid for money for tuition.

Also, according to, the United States Department of Education banned ITT Tech from enrolling new students who use financial aid.

Jose Acedo, Commercial music major, said, “I believe it was a good thing they closed down because the institute really misled students in education. I chose Cerritos College over an institute like ITT Tech because Cerritos has a better opportunity to succeed than a vocational school.”

He continued, “A degree can get you further and better than a certificate. I feel as though the certificate you earn in a vocation school will limit you in your job while someone who earns a degree at school can go beyond.

“In fact, some jobs won’t even take certificates. And now with the ITT Tech problem, all those students are going to have to deal with debt, and that really hurts.

Nursing Major Gloria Pozuelos said, “I didn’t think it was fair that the institute shut down because it left the students without a future. They struggled all they could in the time they spent in there, only for their home [ITT Tech] to shut them down.

“I chose a place like Cerritos College rather than a vocational place like ITT Tech because i’d rather be somewhere local than go to a far place. I just hope the students can make it to their goals in a similar way.”