Staff and students dance to a Zumba beat


Leslie Castaneda

Martha Robles enjoys the second day of zumba class. Instructor Paola uses different tactics to dance away. Photo credit: Leslie Castaneda

Leslie Castaneda

“ZUMBA! 1, 2, 3! ZUMBA!” are the words shouted by the motivational instructor Paola Ferruz De Zepeda  while dancing away on the second day of Zumba class, “come on move, push push, dance dance.”

Classes began Monday, Sept. 12 and will continue to be held Monday and Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in CE-4.

This course is available to any Cerritos College student that has a valid ID and semester sticker; faculty is also welcome to join.

The requirements for this class are to bring tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, water and an energized body ready to workout.

Dionne Gibson, child development professor, said, “It is a really great class and I’m happy to see that five child development majors that I taught are also taking this Zumba class with me.”

The class consists of non-stop movement, merengue, salsa, and hip-hop music.

Ferruz De Zepeda added, “I will also be throwing in some banda, samba and other genres as the course goes on. It will definitely get harder but I know my students will feel more encouraged and pumped to want to keep going”

Child development major Ashley Reed said, “This class is fun but it is also tough just because there really isn’t a break in between songs, just a quick pause and lets keep it going.

“But I like it because it helps me release a lot of stress and I’m sure plenty of us feel the same way.”

Lucy Conde, child development major, said “This is my first time taking a Zumba class and I really had a good time. It was a great workout.” She was invited to the Zumba class by Reed.

The class was filled with approximately 25 women ready to dance.

Joy Brown, switchboard staff member, said, “I’ve been taking this class for over three years and I love it.

“I’ve had several instructors and they have all been amazing and so motivating. I just have to say this goes out to all the young girls. If a 74 year old can do it, so can they. [People of] all ages can definitely come in here and just enjoy a whole hour of fun!”