Games and Learning at the Financial Aid Fair


Alvaro Bayona

Financial Aid Office staff Ivan Oyarzabal giving student a drawing ticket during the Financial Aid Fair event on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The fair was held during three separate days and different times to reach more students. Photo credit: Alvaro Bayona

Alvaro Bayona

Over time, students, mostly new ones, have trouble with a certain thing and need a lot of guidance to get through it.

That topic is Financial Aid and Cerritos College has just the answer for those kind of students.

On Wednesday, Nov.16, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., outside of the Library, there was an fair put together by the Financial Aid department.

The event was to help spread awareness to each and every student possible around campus. They did it in hopes of helping students with problems with Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Technician Jenny Mejia said, “It’s a great and amazing event we’re doing. In fact, I think it really does help students from all over campus. We encourage each and every one of you to get involved so we can help with any questions.”

Once students completed the process, they were given snacks and were able to go inside the office and talk with a technician. Once inside, they get to discuss and chat with whoever is in there about any problems they have.

Culinary Art Major Alex Campos stated, “It was cool because I learned a lot that I was curious about. Plus, I got free snack.”

The point of the event was to make sure students knew what they were doing when it comes to the financial aid process. Also, to let them know that the opening for the FAFSA is sooner than ever.

Business and Administrative major Ulysses Morales said, “I think it was really enjoyable. It helped me out on my questions about how to apply for my FAFSA when I go to school.”

Usually FAFSA is open on Jan 1 to March 2, but now it opened much earlier. It helps students get with the program right away rather than waiting for later on.

The event was different as it held a lot of interesting and fun activities.

There was a small basketball hoop that students could shoot the basketballs through and a few FAFSA related games students could play.

Nursing major Viri Cabrera said, “It was very helpful and had my questions answered.”