Campus hosts event to help high school students

Bianca Martinez

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Throngs of students from local and surrounding high schools flooded the entirety of Falcon Square Friday, April 7 as the campus of Cerritos College held its annual Senior Preview Day.

Roughly 70 Booths from a variety of clubs and departments that are available here on campus lined Falcon Square while professors or club presidents greeted high school students and explained the benefits and resources offered by their club or department in order to peak interest.

Clubs present at the event offered activities for the students to create an enthusiastic, inclusive environment.

The Anxiety Gaming Club provided consoles and games at their booth.

Vice President of the club William Mendoza explained the club’s mission for its member, “We like to help people with anxiety problems and mental disorders so, like, whenever they come talk to us and our club we would help them by setting up a therapy session with them.

“It’s very simple, all you gotta do is sign up, we don’t have any requirements to enter or anything. All the students that have came to us are very curious about, like, what is anxiety gaming, we are not like any other gaming club, we are actually a gaming club that helps people with mental disorders.”

Their tactics seemed to be working as Senior high school students such as Carmen Nava, began to take notice.

She said, “My teachers had announced it to us [the preview] when we were having a testing week and we were able to sign up and so we can be able to come over here and take a look at the college.

“I really want to do the physical therapy, you know, but the cosmetology sounds good, you know, as girls like to work on our skin and makeup and all that. The art and design wouldn’t be too bad because I’m not a good artist, you know, but I like looking at art and stuff like that. [The event] it is pretty cool, I like the setup, you can just look around and see the signs that let you know where you gonna go.”

The woodworking department, one out of the roughly 30 departments present at the preview, offered a wood turning demonstration while students were able to get further information on career possibilities and options.

Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies Instructor Reuben Foat was there to do such that, “I teach classes on how to use the robot that we have, including the direct numerical control machine, laser cutters and also traditional woodworking classes and cabinet making classes. We probably had, at one point, a group of 15 students standing over here, hanging out and I would say we have seen probably 200 or 300 students go by, we passed out a bunch of flyers, things like that. It is really important for us to show students the kind of things they would be able to make after taking classes with us and also to know that they can get a job that pays really well after a pretty short period of time, giving them some skills in the shop. We take students who have no experience in woodworking at all, they don’t have to know anything, just an interest for it is more than enough to get started and we’ll take them all the way. We have employers calling us all the time, looking for potential employees, we can hook students up.”

However the various clubs and departments weren’t the only establishments gaining the interest of their visitors, the amphitheater showcased the collective student talents from specific departments such as Commercial Music, Dance and Theatre.

Performances include a DJ and sets performed courtesy of Out of Nowhere, It Ain’t Nothing but the Blues and a 30 minute dance performance which showcased the finesse of several Cerritos dance students.

Free lunch was also available to the high school seniors courtesy of Hot Dog on a Stick.

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