Toastmasters Club provides critiques and feedback to improve public speaking

Held in the Multipurpose Building 203, the Toastmasters club conducted its second-to-last meeting of the semester with three “Ice Breaker” speeches for new members to better introduce or discuss something about themselves to the club and receive feedback on their public speaking.

On May 2 from 11 a.m. to noon, the club also discussed filling in the role of secretary, who would be able to keep records of what happens in the future meetings.

The meeting concluded with the general evaluator Matthew Mendoza who provided a report of what occurred in each speech during the meeting and what to keep in mind for upcoming meetings.

Filling in additional roles and discussing dates and times for the fall 2018 semester were also mentioned as plans for the next meeting.

The Toastmasters Club, an educational organization on campus, provides constructive critique for those looking to improve on their communication and public speaking skills.

Evaluators, or those who critique the speeches, state the positive aspects of each person’s delivery and also mention areas that could need improvement or aspects to consider in their future speeches.

Aside from evaluators for each speech there are also members who take up roles as grammarian, who observes the grammar and word choices within each speech, Ah-Counter, who takes note of the pauses or mentions of “ah” in speeches, and a timer,who keeps track of each speech to determine whether they stay within the four to six minute parameter.

Emily Desantos, business major, recently decided to join Toastmasters just one week prior. She stated that she first attended as a guest but after hearing what it was all about, decided to stay.

She was one of the “Ice Breaker’ speakers and though she stated she has social anxiety, found her response from the Evaluator, Timer, and Grammarian to have positive feedback.

“I think Toastmasters allows shy students a way to get out of their shells,” said Desantos.

Recently elected president of the club, Johnny Wallace, discussed what inspired him to first join the club and what it offers for anyone who stops by to check it out.

“I’ve always loved interacting with people and reaching out to the community,” Wallace mentioned.

He continued to say, “Toastmasters is a creative space that is also a safe space.It’s all about personal growth…”

Wallace said that speaking in front of people isn’t always easy, but clubs like Toastmasters really help.

Vice president of education, Tran Pham mentioned she’d been a part of the club for two semesters already. She shared her thoughts on why the club is important and how it can help those looking to major in business.

“It really focuses on communication, leadership and public speaking. I believe the mission of [the club]. It helps for those looking to succeed in business careers and with communicating…”

The Toastmasters final meeting of the semester is set to take place in Multipurpose 203 at 11 a.m on May 9.