Audio story: Dr. Jose Fierro spoke on Cerritos at State of the College Address


Julio Rodriguez

Around 30-40 people showed up at the State of the College address and were taken during the beginning of the presentation.

Julio Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Julio Rodriguez: The event featured the president of Cerritos College Dr. Jose Fierro speaking to the crowd about the accomplishments Cerritos College has made and its future moving forward.

Dr. Fierro said Cerritos College ranked 9th in best community college, 11th in national community colleges, 2nd for best cosmology school and 6th for culinary arts.

The event had a “student spotlight” where 2 current and 1 former Cerritos College students spoke about their accomplishments and their plans for the future. They are Hector Ledesma, Michael John De La Pena and David Hernandez.

Lastly, Dr. Fierro has a message for those wanting to come to Cerritos College. “Come to Cerritos College. We welcome everyone, regardless of who you are. Assure you are successful in your academic and professional career.”