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The Creator Movie Review

‘The Creator’ movie review, where war between humanity and AI robots takes unexpected turns.

Julio: Hello my name is Julio.

Emanuel: Hello my name is Emanuel.

Julio: And this is our review, from the brand new movie, from 20th Century Studio the creator.

Emanuel: Starring John David Washington as Joshua Taylor, Gemma Chan as Maya Taylor and Madeleine Yuna Voyles’ in her first film debut as Alpha-O aka “Alphie” The year is 2055 in LA California, when an A.I created by the U.S government detonates a nuclear bomb over the city which leads to an all out war between the U.S and its allies against the A.I.

Julio: Their efforts are resisted by New Asia, a sanctuary for the A.I and the people who still embrace it. 15 years later the main character Josh goes to New Asia to retrieve a weapon that can supposedly end the war which is later revealed to be just a kid, who has the power to control electrical currents to manually move devices on their own or shut down completely.

Emanuel: The movie’s trailers however give off the initial impression that it’s going to be another movie about A.I gone wrong, that tries to destroy humanity which leads to an all out war between man and machine however, that’s not the case, the movie dives into a much deeper plot with more twists than initially anticipated.

Julio: It explores human nature and what can be considered sentinel. As the A.I in this universe doesn’t necessarily share the same desire or instinct to kill the human race.

Emanuel: Because if you think about it the A.I robots are only programmed to assist us in their daily lives. They gain the desire to preserve life, their surroundings and of course their own existence.

Julio: The huge twist that’s revealed months later in the movie’s story in the movie is that.

Emanuel: The war was.

Julio: Yeah, the war was actually a human error, meaning that like this whole 15 year war between the humans and the A.I was bullshit. It was all for nothing.

Emanuel: I enjoyed it, I really liked the world building in the movie, it almost made me feel like I was watching a James Cameron film like Avatar. I also liked how this idea of heaven kept being brought up and how Josh wouldn’t be able to go to heaven due to all the bad things he had done but after going through his redemption arc, he’s able to, at the end reunite with Maya, using the copy of her brain that Alfie put in and for some people heaven is seen as being able to reunite with deceased loved ones meaning that in a way Josh was able to attain his own heaven.

Julio: I will admit that in regard to the worldbuilding, I thought it was pretty cool. One of the things I will admit though, that one of the things that I thought was really interesting, since I’m not super familiar with a lot of sci-fi like movies and whatnot.

I thought it was pretty interesting that in this world that humans can choose if they want replicants to be built off of them cus there was a moment in the middle of the movie, as they’re trying to get away from the army and whatnot. That people can choose to have replicants of themselves. You see it a couple times like in the subway, there’s a few women that look like Maya and he’s just like holy crap. I thought that was pretty cool.

And I also thought that the human sentimental thing where he can bring someone back to life was pretty cool if not creepy like I was like holy shit, like what would that even feel like, a few minutes, let’s say you’re in heaven or in hell and you’re just pushed back. I thought that was pretty cool. But in regards to the plot, I will admit though that there were some parts of the movie that did feel like a little predictable and a little obvious.

Emanuel: So unfortunately, it looks like we won’t get a sequel however as you know the movie only had a budget of $80 million and it did surprisingly well with its visual effects however it only made a total of I believe it was $79 million at the box office.

Julio: Out of like 80 million and honestly like that’s a damn shame because I thought it was such a good movie you know with its visuals, like the story, even though there were some parts that I was a little annoyed with like say you had an explosion, went to black and then it came back and stuff like that.

I thought it was like really good. It just sucks this movie had to come out in the middle of a strike as we all know and obviously there was no push for it. The most they had was at MLB games where they had those replicant looking robots. It sucks because honestly I would’ve wanted a sequel for this.

Some interesting facts about the movie was that when the trailer dropped in July, it was actually found out that there was footage used from the Beirut explosion from 2020 that was not explicitly used like the footage that like how it would happen but it was used as like a visual plate.

Emanuel: Once again I’m Emanuel Guadarrama.

Julio: And I’m Julio Rodriguez and this is our review of The Creator, we hope to see you next time. Peace.


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Emanuel Guadarrama
Emanuel Guadarrama, Co-News Editor
Emanuel Guadarrama is the returning news editor for Talon Marks, who’ll be covering any and all newsworthy events or stories on campus. When he isn’t working on his news section, he enjoys listening to various genres of music and reading. He also likes going on hikes, walking with his dog and spending time with his friends and family.
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez is the Multimedia Editor for Talon Marks. He loves to spend his free time watching anime and movies. His goal is to pursue working at Fox News.
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