Students adjust to new semester

Andy Karle

It’s that time of year again when Cerritos College begins a new semester and students are thrown back into the masses of people trying to fight past each other to make it to classes.

On “Welcome Day,” students came out to be reacquainted with the campus.

Returning students were thrilled to see friends they had not seen in a while, as there were many embraces and smiles.

The familiar face of DJ RAY, a regular at school events, was seen spinning his records and blasting his tunes for the harried students.

In ‘N’ Out burger also sent a large kitchen on wheels to offer up free burgers, chips and drinks for students showing their school I.D.

All was not just fun and games, however.

Class petitioning is always a factor of coming back to school. Returning students have first dibs on classes but call-in registration is a way to lessen the stress.

When the faces of college come into a freshman’s life, it is a big shock to most of them.

They have to search not only around the campus for their classes, but for the question of, “Why am I even here?”

Not everyone is here for the same reason.For instance Eileen Perez (Undecided Major) said, “I’m coming here just to get my parents off my back.”

Chase Whitney (Criminal Justice Major), said, “I plan on hopefully transferring to a Cal State and I’m also coming here to save money.”

Whitney added,” I’m doing this for myself.”

Most incoming freshmen love the fact they are away from the high school “cookie cutter” schedule. Students see being in college as a great opportunity towards becoming an independent person.

Kurt Landgren said,” I like it because I don’t have to worry about being in class earlier than I’m supposed to be and not being in class all day.”

Fall 2001 semester is a brand new experience for all freshmen and another memory for returning students. However, all can appreciate the freedom college life gives a person just getting out of 12 years of somebody else’s rules.