International food fair

International food fair

Jun-Sik Kim

As a part of international cultural events, the International Student Association (ISA) held an International Food Festival in Falcon Square last Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Cerritos College’s Falcon Square was transformed into what looked like a meeting of the United Nations as its international students cooked up dishes for the school’s community to sample.

Ikuko Takeuchi, president of ISA, said, “We wanted to introduce our culture. We thought the first way is to introduce food because everybody is going to be hungry.”

The selection was made by different international students who prepared dishes from their particular countries. The menu involved more than 15 kinds of food like Gal-Bee from Korea, Olive Pasta from Iatly, Leaflet Sushi from Japan, Pastillas from Philippines, and so on.

Tuan Mao, international student from Vietnam, who brought Vietnamese Egg Rolls, said, “People really liked my food. I was happy to see them smile.”

The foods were sold at relatively low prices so that students could taste different kinds of food for less than $5. They really enjoyed their meals sitting around the table prepared.

Mary Pardo, Art major, liked the Chinese food, and even hoped that a cookbook with all the recipes of international foods would be made by the international students.

“It was really really good,” said Douglas Johnson, Japanese major. “I wish we can have this every week.”