Pep Squad defends adviser to trustees

David Fabish Union President giving a speech on behalf of the Pep Squad coach.

dominick Ulloa

David Fabish Union President giving a speech on behalf of the Pep Squad coach.

Cerritos College Pep Squad members gave an emotional appeal in support of their coach, Lea Fields, as college trustees contemplated disciplinary action for apparent mismanagement of school funds at the June 17 board of trustees meeting.

Chi-Chung Keung, director Marketing and Public Relations, also unveiled for the first time the winning logo design to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration for the college.

In still other business, the board reviewed the 2004 fiscal budget, and said good-bye to John Boyle as vice president of the instruction, a post he has filled on an interim basis for the last two years. He will return to the biology classroom next year.

The Pep Squad was out in force to show the board that it did not want its coach to be let go.

With each new member that came up a heart warming story on how she had affected each of them. One after another got up to the podium and spoke about their love for their coach. Each story had the same theme: friend, coach and second mother.

What the allegations are and the fact leading to them were not disclosed as board members must discuss disciplinary action in private.

David Fabish said it best, faculty Union President said it best: “She should not be fired for a blunder. Punished, yes, but not fired.”

The board has yet to make a decision pending further information.

The unveiling of the new logo was met with great expectations. Art student Nicholas Fiero was proclaimed the winner of the competition and with that came a check from the Cerritos College foundation Executive Director Steve Richardson for $250 for the great design.

In the study session, board members went over the tentative budget for the 2004-5 fiscal year.

As each slide came and went the board felt that things were getting better and better. The board thanked the accounting staff for making the presentation so easy for board members to follow and understand.