R. Gomez -Homecoming Applications#

Rick Gomez

The Homecoming applications for the float and the court were due last Sept. 25 at 4 p.m.

There were two different applications available at the Student Activities office.

The first was for clubs to participate in the traditional float and the second application was for women representing there clubs in the Homecoming court.

This year’s theme for the float is based on TV favorites.

The applications for the float was based on a first come, first serve sign up that only had 20 spots to fill.  After the deadline, 16 clubs signed up to participate in the float activities.

The homecoming court applications consisted of 22 applicants. Oct. 2, only seven will be elected into the 2008 Homecoming Court.

To avoid any conflict between the women during Homecoming court elections, Dean Ackland, coordinator of Student Activities, discourages the idea of Homecoming Court elections being a beauty pageant.

“The whole point of Homecoming is to get involved. I try to get (the applicants) to be ambassadors of their club and get more students involved on campus. I want them to encourage students to go above and beyond in school,” said Ackland.

Ackland adds, “Get involved because you want to get involved, not because (you’re) pretty.”

Monique Maza, president of the Cosmetology Club, said she was elected by her club to be a representative in this year’s homecoming court.

Maza believes she was voted to be the representative because she is very outgoing, avoids confrontation, makes everyone feel as one and most importantly, gets involved.

With Homecoming right around the corner, Maza’s main concern is to spread the word.

“What we do is not outer beauty, it’s about inner beauty,” said Maza.

Like Maza, Victoria Kennedy, first year student and candidate from the Forensics Club, is all about spreading the word about her club as well. 

“I applied because I like the student involvement but mostly to put my club out there. I want my club to get noticed,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy also made the issue of a beauty pageant very clear, “It’s not for me, it’s for my club.”

Elections will be held this week on Oct. 1 and Oct. 2.