Book signing !#

Gustavo Rangel

Marcelino Saucedo, retired counselor, held a book signing at the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room on Oct. 6.

Saucedo was born in Pebbly Beach Barrio.

Saucedo wrote “Dream Maskers” and “Dream Catchers: A History of The Mexican Heritage on Catalina Island,” which discusses the history of the settlement of the Mexicans in Catalina.

He wrote the book from his experience growing up in the life of Catalinas Barrios.

He said, “The story is 100 absent years of the barrio.”

He was very thrilled with the results of his book being released, and to be at the book signing.

He also gave a walkthrough of the book chapter by chapter, and gave a story of what he experienced as he went through that time being there, and the people he met.

Toni Grijalva, public affairs, says she looks foward to reading it. 

Aside from being a co-worker, she is related to him. 

In the book are dozens of photos of the families who lived in the island.

You can order the book online at

Cathy Alvarez, counsoler, was a former student of Saucedo when he taught at Cerritos as a Spanish teacher.

Alvarez said, “He’s a positive role model.”