Weeding out the rights and wrongs on marijuana

Rick Gomez

Is it good or is it bad? What’s wrong with it?  Students filled the classroom of SS 215 to listen to the facts and fiction of the controversial substance of marijuana on Tuesday morning.

During Drug Awareness Week, the Psychology Club hosted numerous presentations of drugs, marijuana being one.

Said Daniel Snipes, president of Psychology Club, “I was very surprised of the outcome of students.  There were lots and lots of people.”

All the seats became vacant in an instant once the doors opened and students were forced to sit on the floor or stand in the hallway during the presentation.

The two presenters, Asja Hall and Kennya Menendez, presented the many aspects of marijuana.  They covered areas ranging from older laws and current laws to the negative effects and benefits of weed.

Said Kennya Menendez, psychology major, “I was trying to point out the good stuff of weed. I do support it only if it’s for medical usage.”

After the presentation, students filled the room with questions and concerns.  Students discussed experiences and opinions of the illegal substance.

Some topics discussed after the presentation were health issues, law enforcement regulations, and the safest way to consume weed.

Snipes said, who’s against marijuana, ” I thought the questions were biased toward weed.”

David Gallarzo, chemistry major, asked many of the questions as well as adding his own opinions during the questionairre.

“I was very happy that they objectively presented both sides of marijuana. They gave us the decision to decide whether it is good for ourselves,” he said, as a user and advocator of marijuana.