ASCC car wash delayed due to rain

Christopher Diers

The ASCC Cabinet convened to follow up on a number of upcoming events and to cover a few important topics on Monday.

It was very passionate about new ways to promote the iFALCON campaign and discussed a number of new ideas to bolster the new program.

The Cabinet raised the issue of instructor involvement with iFALCON and plans to make sure that classroom instructors are actively discussing the program with their students.

Several council members also declared their intention to personally involve themselves in an effort to raise student awareness of iFALCON on campus.

Due to the rainy weather that the area been experiencing lately, the car wash fundraiser has been postponed.

ASCC President Michael Barrita stated that it has been rescheduled and will now take place on Feb. 22.

Anyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to redeem it on that day.

Oscar Franco, commissioner of student outreach, mentioned that the new computer lab hours have been a problem for a number of students, including him.

The computer lab closes at 7:30 p.m. leaving little time for many nighttime students to effectively utilize its resources.

A number of options have been presented to solve this dilemma, including opening and closing the lab an hour later, extending the hours during the end of the semester when computer lab time will be most in demand, or extending the hours on three days out of the week.