Cabinet discusses end of the year

Ernesto Gomez

With only one more meeting left, the ASCC Cabinet discussed end of the year matters on April 27.

The cabinet informed that even though the Student Center reflection pool project has been delayed, it should still be installed in time for the Spring Awards.

The fountain is already on campus, although it is still in pieces. It will be rededicated to the students of Cerritos College by the 2008 ASCC.

The pseudo-credit card plan that was proposed previously was put on hold until next year.

It was a plan that would allow students to use their Cerritos College ID card as a credit card at participating merchants on campus.

The meeting was also full of congratulations for its members. Holly Bogdanovich, director of student activities, congratulated ASCC President Michael Barrita on his acceptance to UCLA.

The cabinet congratulated Felipe Grimaldo in becoming the next Student Trustee.

The voter turnout for that position was exactly 700 votes, up from around 400 last year.

It also congratulated Oscar Franco and Rosa Castaneda on becoming the next ASCC President and Vice-President.