ASCC discusses cuts and H.O.P.E.

Jesus Ruiz

As the ASCC Senate began, it began to speak of one of the things concerning not just students, but teachers and faculty as well, budget cuts.

The senate discussed how these budget cuts are affecting Cerritos College and what procedures might be taken in order to deal with these budgets.

One of the things that might be done is “weed out” classes.

In other words, canceling or removing some classes.

The classes that they explained would be weeded out would be recreational courses/programs.

An example of theses courses that the ASCC Senate include physical education courses and art courses.

They responded with the reason behind it to be in order to focus more on the basic skills classes, which include mathematics, reading, and English.

Another cut the senate explained that might end up a possibility would be in certain departments.

The senate explained that EOPS program is already getting a 40 percent cut.

One of the senate members stated, “It’s going to get worse, it’s going to get a lot tougher, and we’re going to have to find some ways to deal with what we have.”

With this on subject, the senate spoke of something that may help some students with their financial needs.

One of the things that may help students especially in these financial hard times: financial aid.

The senate explained that there is federal aid that is still available to students or has not been claimed.

The senate members recommended that students go to their counselors and/or financial aid department for help and information on financial aid and the use of the Internet to find a variety of aid, such as grants and scholarships.

On the senates agenda was also the Cerritos College Textbook Program, which might help students with textbook problems such as cost and efficiency.

It is why on Dec. 21, the ASCC Senate will review and look at different types of textbooks and even more efficient answers to textbook problems.

As they got through this agenda, they welcomed the Late Night Burnright Improv team who were promoting the show and brought some laughs out of the ASCC Senate.

Late Night Burnright, “Evening of Improv, Stand-up and Sketch Comedy,” will be held on December 4, 5,10,11, and 12 at 8 p.m. December 11 at 10 p.m. and December 13 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are still available.