Free campus-wide Wi-Fi still delayed

Frank Gonzalez

Free Wi-Fi Internet, which has become a common staple at campuses nationwide, remains an unanswered, if not delayed, question mark at Cerritos College.

Although Internet services are offered and provided at the Cerritos College Campus library students still remain unable to access a campus-wide Wi-Fi connection.

Steve Kim, commissioner of technology, stated, “We’re doing our best to work out the kinks in the service so that students can gain access to a free and secure connection.”

Although the topic has remained on the minds of members of the Information Technology Standards Committee, issues have remained concerning the Wi-Fi connections security and vulnerability.

The program, which had been making progress, recently took a step back when a delay was encountered with the campus-wide introduction of Windows 7, which according to Kim “has caused delays concerning security issues.”

Despite these issues, however, students seem optimistic that the Wi-Fi will be up in the near future.

Robert Ruiz, engineering major, said, “I don’t mind that it’s not up yet but when we finally get free campus-wide Wi-Fi, it’s going to make things so much easier.”

With a meeting scheduled for Friday, the committee has made it a point to address and resolve these issues in their upcoming agenda.

Despite the unfortunate setbacks with the campus-wide free Wi-Fi connection students have been encouraged to use the campus library’s Wi-Fi connection which is still being offered and currently has no issues regarding security or vulnerability.