Taking care of necessaties first

Frank Gonzalez

We often live beyond our means in an attempt to uphold an image and to gain acceptance by others.

We spend far too much on vehicles, homes, clothes, jewelry and other miscellaneous objects which are completely irrelevant.

It was this mentality which nearly brought this nation to its knees and made another great depression seem just beyond the horizon.

It wasn’t until after thousands found themselves in debt that many of us began to scale back our spending and to live the humble lives we were intended to.

Its the constant belief that everything in life is a competition and that if your not on the cusp of this you’re an after thought or looked down upon that got many into trouble.

This mentality is wrong however and those who lived humble lives before the recession found no difficulty making it through it.

It is those who lived beyond their means which found themselves in dire situations and at the mercy of others.

So instead of buying the latest music or getting a sweet new pair of rims make sure your bills, house, and basic necessities are paid.

Its not wrong to want elegant things but it is wrong to do so when it is well beyond your means.