Quit being quick to scrutinize heroes

Frank Gonzalez

When individuals posses extraordinary physical abilities in one particular sport they often become professionals.

Once at this platform they are looked up to by children and become heroes to us all leaving them directly in the spotlight.

When an athlete has reached superstar status we follow them religiously and uphold them to a standard higher then which we hold ourselves.

We often forget that these athletes are people just like us and make the same mistakes we do.

By heavily scrutinizing them we do nothing more then become hypocrites and tarnish their reputations for the remainder of their life.

Its not fair to judge these athletes so harshly and to push them to a breaking point.

No individual is perfect and we all have flaws this goes for athletes as well and regardless of whatever mistakes they make their human beings.

To turn our backs on them and hate them as quickly as we once loved them is wrong and simply ignorant.

Athletes have made mistakes for decades and some have never recovered from their tarnished reputations often pushing them into a depression if not suicide.

The next time you read the latest headline about your favorite athlete be cautious when jumping to conclusions and remember just like you they often make mistakes.