Dr Reece feature-Marquisha

Marquisha Hames

Dr. Bryan Reece has a plan to fix Cerritos College

The Interim Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences wants to work with the first generation students to direct them into the right path.


Staying on top of them, making sure his door is always open to also get more people involved in clubs and orginizations.


He advises the health cub to get more students involved by doing different fundraisers and events.

Here some information about how Dr. Bryan Reece got his start here at Cerritos College and also his edcuational back ground.

Reece attended William Org Elementary in Norwalk, California, after going higher in his education Reece attended Lake Side Junior High and later attended Santa Springs then later transferred  after his 10th grade year of High School to Sanjactio High School, even though Reece graduated from Sanjanctio High he still feels like he is still from Norwalk.

Reece continued his education by first attending a Junior College, then later transferred to USC as a Political Science Major and finally to Graduate School.

When Reece started his Career he knew he wanted to help students in every way possible. Reece really prefers the first generation students to help them find their way.

Reece was more of an Athlete than a student, Reece played basketball, baseball and lastly football. He had to really hit the books after graduating from High School. So after two years of  catching up and trying to figure out what he is going to do. Because his parents did not attend college.

Reece worked really hard and became broke where he had to eat Top Roman’s and lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of Oatmeal. When Reece started  here at Cerritos Falcon Junior College In Norwalk, California to become a facility member part time it was in 1990 then in 1991 Reece became a full time facility.

Reece preferred to work with Junior College first generation students instead of at a University.  At the University they mostly focus on the research and that was not where Reece heart was. Reece is was more interested to into helping more students succeed with their futures.

A  regular day for Reece at the office is from Monday thru Friday, 2 challenges faces daily in the office of Dr. Bryan Reece, Ph.D. Interim Dean  of Humanities and Social Sciences. One is to try to keep the door open for students and staff and facility and solving problems.

Second the divisions has a numerous of goals that are direction related to the students success. Making progress towards those goals everyday.