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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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“Machete” slashes its way to the top

It is absolutely surprising how a movie as fantastically grotesque and outrageous as “Machete” was able to play in theaters nationwide without drawing the ire of pissed-off conservatives.


“Machete” was released in theatres on Sept. 3, topping box-office sales on its opening weekend with its insane brutality, vulgar language and violent situations.


The film stars Danny Trejo as Machete, a Mexican agent-turned-migrant worker who is framed for the intent of the assassination of McLaughlin, an anti-immigration state senator from Texas, played by Robert DeNiro.


With witty lines such as, “Machete don’t text” and “Machete improvises,” Trejo singlehandedly provided the comic relief, as well as giving the viewer the feeling that his character is nothing short of an absolute bad-ass.


Throughout the entire movie, Machete seeks vengeance against his wrongdoers, leaving behind a trail of blood, guts and shattered corpses behind him.

In one scene, Machete goes as far as stabbing his victim with his weapon in the stomach and using his intestines as a rope to escape from people who are chasing him.


Aside from the overall viciousness of the movie, “Machete” also delivers an impressive story line, giving a constant theme of illegal immigration and the effect it has on the American people, as well as its society.

This plot did not sit well with moviegoers, especially when they saw that at the end of the movie, a mass of Mexican migrant workers break into a military base and kill several members of a vigilante minuteman force.


This scene and many others caused members of the movie’s audience to storm out of the theater, obviously forgetting the number one rule of a fictional work: it’s not real.


The movie also featured star-studded appearances, such as Jessica Alba playing a U.S. customs agent who is torn between her American upbringing and her Latino culture (or lack thereof in the real world), Cheech Marin playing the serious role of a catholic priest, a role that screams “irony” in comparison to his previous roles and the cinematic return of Lindsay Lohan, who in one scene, is shown in her birthday suit, so to speak.


“Machete” delivers the perfect combination of blood, brutality, violence and plot creativity.

Despite its September release, this movie can very well be the action-packed blockbuster of the summer that everyone and their grandmother has been waiting for.

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“Machete” slashes its way to the top