Active Minds helps students reduce stress


Active minds release balloons to help symbolically release stress that students are going through. Students wrote whatever that has been stressing them out on the balloon

Active Minds Club was on campus with multiple events to help relieve any negative things that the students might be going through as finals are approaching.

The club had a puppy therapy station set up, paint balloon launch and had students write what stressed them out on balloons.

While it wasn’t as smooth as Johnny Estrada, the president of the Active Minds club, hoped for, he felt that he was about to help the students.

“It was successful even though we had our bumps, especially with the wind,” Estrada said.  “We impacted a lot of students with the event.”

Psychology major Sandra Torres, a member of the Active Minds club, participated in the event for the first time and made sure that students were getting involved.

“They were releasing their stress even though they were hesitant of it at first,” Torres said.  “You can relieve some stress for free.”

Torres was one of the members that released the balloons and made sure that her fear didn’t hold her back.

“I have balloon phobia, but everything is about attitude and I wanted to support the group.” she said.  “This is like exposure therapy for me.”

The balloons were biodegradable;  Active Minds stresses this is environmentally friendly.