The new, improved Elbow Room debuts


Gustavo Lopez

Marie Le rings up Drake Tajin, undecided major as Randolph Lima, administration of justice major, exits the Elbow Room. The Elbow Room opened its doors with a new look for Cerritos students.

The Elbow Room has debuted its renovations this semester to new and returning students at Cerritos College. The Elbow Room is both quick and convenient for students in a rush to get to their next class or go to work.

“Good Service. Worth the wait. Healthy food, ” said Elizabeth Luna, education major, when summing up the convenience store.

According to students, the renovations make the store look lively, and the usage of the space made it look like there is more room. “There are still many improvements to come. I want to make it a happier environment,” said Tiffany Nguyen, the manager of Elbow Room.

Students seemed to be both enthusiastic and disappointed about the renovations that have been made.

Phillip Shura, commutative disorders major, said, “It looks nice, but it still lacks some variety. Maybe it’s because it is the first day and whatnot.”

The Elbow Room was also being considered to be moved into the recently constructed Liberal Arts and DSPS Building, but some students had no idea, or wondered why it had not been moved.

Nguyen spoke on that as well, “I have no idea why it wasn’t moved there. But I think that it will be moved in the next few years.”

The Elbow Room seems to have done well due to its renovations. Many students are looking forward to what the Elbow Room has to offer in the days to come.

“As the manager of (the) Elbow Room, I take pride in what I do here and hope to continue my business here,” Nguyen said.