Cheaper book alternatives discussed at Faculty Senate Meeting

Daniel Linares, Multimedia Editor

The Course Prioritization Task-force, and books under $50 through Open Education Resources, were discussed at the Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

During last week’s Faculty Senate meeting, a vote to involve students in a Course Prioritization Task-force was taken – which was not planned – and discussed when the students should be involved in what types of classes would be added; and because of that, a new vote was taken and the previous was voided.

During the voting process, there were some opposed to the idea, but all members reached a consensus.

Afterward, Stephanie Rosenblatt, Cerritos College librarian, was talking about Technology Based Learning, which would require eight different instructors to volunteer and help online courses and their course outlines; along with providing outlines for courses within their department, but may offer advice to instructors outside their department.

This would be available for full-time instructors, with the idea to keep the information within Cerritos.

For the closing portion of the meeting, Joanna Schilling, Vice President of Academic Affairs, was discussing Open Education Resources (OER), and the simple fact that it can offer books at a cheap price for students, which is a main priority as some books can cost upward to $200.

OER can offer the books at under $30 per book with shipping and handling included; and with such cheap prices, all students would be able to buy books, and it will have a much larger impact than book prices.