New fitness program discussed at Cabinet meeting

Jennifer Medina

Debbie Jensen, Physical Education professor gave a deliberate presentation Monday, Nov. 17, during the Cabinet meeting about the Pedal program that she is trying to initiate on campus.

At the beginning of her presentation, she handed out a pamphlet with information about the Pedal Program.

According to the pamphlet, research shows that physical activity fires up the part of the brain where learning takes place.

“The research illustrates that when students take physical education right before an academic class, they begin performing better in areas of focus, concentration, memorization and retention, all of which leads to improved test scores and ultimately student success,” the pamphlet read.

This program already exists in other schools, but Jensen strongly believes this is a great idea to implement at Cerritos College.

Other than the Pedal Program discussed at the meeting, Cabinet members discussed the importance of sustainability on campus.

They mentioned some ways on how some departments on campus have already taken steps to make school more sustainable and how the school can save more power.

Cabinet only discussed those two topics, the rest of the agenda was postponed for next week’s meeting due to the short amount of time the ASCC had since BK 111 is becoming a “smart classroom,” andthe moving of things around the room caused it to start the meeting a little bit later.